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Partner Attribution is the Key to your results.

We get it. As a partner leader, you are responsible for more than a third of your company’s revenue, but oftentimes you don’t get the resources or support that goes along with that quota. And, it’s likely that partners influence even a larger percentage of your revenue. But how do you track partner attribution  and report on that partner influenced and partner sourced deals? 

In this eBook, we provide 3 quick tips to get you on the right path, with downloadable templates to get you started.

Tip #1: Incorporate partner strategy into the culture

Partner attribution is key to managing growth. But before you start buying software and setting up dashboards, you need to get buy in from the team. We’ll show you how. 

Tip #2: Leverage technology

Now that the team is onboard, it’s time to set up your CRM and PRM (Partner Relationship Management) platform. We interviewed top partnership leaders to do this every day and provided a benchmarking study of the top PRMs.

Tip #3: Work closely with sales and partners to gather partner attribution data

You can’t do this alone. Make it easy for partners and your internal sales team to gather and share partner attribution data to help grow and scale your affiliate program and track attribution. Our experienced partner leaders share tips for working with cross-functional teams.


Tracking partner influenced and sourced deals is a tough nut to crack. But don’t be discouraged. Start small and build from there.  Download the partner attribution eBook here and Happy Partnering!

Download the 'Tracking Partner Attribution' eBook

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