Welcome To Torchlite.

Accelerating Partner Performance

Torchlite is designed to help you accelerate partner relationships. No matter what your partner programs look like, we help you automate your process so you can get more done. Our mission is to make partner leaders look like heroes, which couldn’t make us happier.

Scalable Solutions

The Torchlite Partner Relationship Management [PRM] Platform is design with flexibility to scale your partner program in new and inventive ways.

  • Affiliate and Deal Registration
  • Internal and external Partner Portals
  • Account Mapping with CrossBeam.
  • Co-Marketing and Co-Selling. 

Scale the types of partner programs and the tiers of partners. Or simply accelerate partner performance with more partners to help you be successful.

Software to Ignite Your Partner Program

Designed to automate common tasks so you can focus on building and maintaining those critical relationships with partners. Torchlite checks all the boxes. But it does so much more to accelerate partner performance and make your day, month, quarter and year more productive.  Book a demo today.

How It All Started

Susan Marshall, Torchlite Founder, worked for years with top engineers at Apple, Adobe, and Salesforce to deliver innovative software products to market. She knew early on that a lot of businesses would need help finding qualified support for the array of complex tools now at their fingertips.

She brought the first online Marketplace in 2015 to serve a variety of businesses. As more partners began joining the Partner Portal, the team saw an opportunity to innovate within the Partner Management software space and launched their own PRM in the Spring of 2021.

Where We Are, Now

Led by CEO Kelly Schwedland Torchlite now serves some of the leading B2B SaaS brands who rely on their channel partners to help drive their business.

Our mission isn’t just to provide basic PRM capabilities like deal registration and referral payouts, but to continue accelerating your partner performance by partnering with leaders within the community to constantly innovate and to exceed expectations.

Something To Believe In

Torchlite is based on the same principles that propelled Susan’s career when coding was required to build a website and data migration was still a mystery:

  • Put the customer first
  • Transparency and honesty are a basic values
  • Teamwork still makes the dreamwork
  • Laugh. Love. Enjoy every moment.

Accelerate Partner Performance and grow your businesses.
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