Channel Partner Management Software

A Partner management tool built for growing partnership teams. And driving revenue.

Ecosystem business models are enhancing performance, accelerating innovation and driving transformational growth for organizations.

High-performing ecosystems drive on average 1.5 times the cost reduction and generate 2.1 times the incremental revenue growth

Study of Ecosystem Business Models2022

Easily engage partners across the entire journey

A Channel Partner Management Software  that has it all.

  • From Partner Enablement and Training
  • Account Mapping along with In-Market Signals Data overlaps
  • Marketing Collaboration & MDF
  • Deal Registration, Referral, & Affiliate tracking
  • to Goal Tracking, Tier attainment and Payout

Everything you need in a simple to use, elegantly designed user experience.
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Onboard, train & certify partners with ease

  • Enable partners to submit applications through the portal and review status of applications.; All agreements and documentation live within the partner portal for easy access.
  • Create and publish partner enablement resources by partner tier, level of engagement or performance.
  • Create certification courses within Torchlite or integrate seamlessly with your preferred LMS or sales enablement platform.

Manage co-marketing programs, lead distribution, and deal flow

  • Automate channel marketing  journeys to drive revenue.
  • Simplify deal registration and deal tracking.
  • Use personalized link tracking to measure marketing efforts.
  • Surface partner performance through robust CRM Integration
    (Salesforce and HubSpot).

Take action on Crossbeam account mapping data

  • View account mapping along with Intent data-driven insights.
  • Identify opportunities and trigger request workflows.
  • Build and automate marketing campaigns using proven playbooks to move leads and opportunities faster through the pipeline.
  • Track activity to ensure teams are following up and working leads.

Track partner performance and sales attribution

  • View individual partner performance or by partner tier.
  • Filter and view partners by tier, quota and performance to quota.
  • Track total referrals, sourced revenue and level of engagement in real-time.
  • View standard and customized reports built for your team

Torchlite is a full Channel Partner Management software  designed to scale your partner program in inventive ways. Scale quantity, types, tiers or simply accelerate partner performance. Available with tools like; onboarding and certification, Affiliate and Deal Registration, internal and external Partner Portals, Account Mapping with CrossBeam, Co-Marketing and Co-Selling, even numerous integrations.

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Channel Partner Management

In today’s fast-paced business landscape, collaboration is the secret sauce to achieving extraordinary success. Companies no longer work in isolation; instead, they form strategic partnerships to expand their market reach, access specialized expertise, and drive revenue growth. Channel partners play a pivotal role in this collaborative journey, and Torchlite’s Channel Partner Management software is here to help you leverage the full potential of these valuable alliances.

What is a Channel Partner?

A channel partner is an independent entity or business that collaborates with a company to promote, sell, or distribute its products and services. These partners come in various forms, including resellers, distributors, value-added resellers (VARs), system integrators, and more. They operate in diverse industries, each offering unique strengths.

The Value of Channel Partners:

The value of channel partners is multi-faceted, including:

  • Market Expansion: Channel partners extend your business’s reach into new markets and regions, allowing you to connect with a broader audience.
  • Expertise and Specialization: Collaborating with experts in specific industries or solutions helps you penetrate niche markets and benefit from their deep domain knowledge.
  • Cost Efficiency: Working with channel partners reduces the need for significant internal resources, thus lowering operational costs.
  • Revenue Growth: A well-structured channel partner network can significantly boost your sales, driving revenue growth.

The Role of Channel Partners:

Channel partners serve as intermediaries between your company and your target customers. They take on pivotal roles, including:

  • Marketing and Promotion: Channel partners promote your products and services, creating awareness and demand in their local or specialized markets.
  • Sales and Distribution: They are responsible for selling and distributing your offerings, often providing a local or industry-specific presence.
  • Customer Support: Some partners may offer customer support, further enhancing the overall customer experience and post-sale satisfaction.

Types of Channel Partners:

  • Resellers: Resellers purchase your products and sell them directly to end customers.
  • Distributors: Distributors buy products in bulk and then resell them to resellers or retailers.
  • Value-Added Resellers (VARs): VARs enhance your products with additional features or services before selling them.
  • System Integrators: These partners integrate your products into larger systems and provide customized solutions.

Channel Partner Examples:

  1. IBM Business Partners: IBM boasts an extensive network of business partners, including resellers, system integrators, and independent software vendors. These partners have played a pivotal role in IBM’s global success.
  2. Salesforce AppExchange Partners: Salesforce’s AppExchange program allows software vendors to build and sell applications on the Salesforce platform. It has expanded the functionality and user base of Salesforce, demonstrating the power of partnership.
  3. Cisco’s Global Partner Ecosystem: Cisco collaborates with a vast network of channel partners, ranging from resellers to service providers, to deliver networking and technology solutions on a global scale.

Why Channel Partners are Important:

The primary objective of partnering with channel partners is to achieve collaborative success. By leveraging the expertise, reach, and local knowledge of channel partners, your business can:

  • Accelerate Market Entry: Channel partners help you enter new markets swiftly and effectively, reducing time-to-market for your products and services.
  • Access Specialized Skills: Benefit from the specialized skills and industry knowledge of partners, allowing you to penetrate specialized markets with ease.
  • Expand Revenue Streams:  Increase sales and diversify revenue sources, which is vital for long-term business sustainability.
  • Build Stronger Customer Relationships: Reach customers more effectively, often leading to enhanced customer satisfaction and loyalty, strengthening your brand’s presence.

Defining Channel Partner Management:

Channel partner management is the strategic and tactical approach to effectively overseeing your network of channel partners. It involves processes and software that facilitate partner onboarding, training, monitoring performance, providing support, and optimizing collaboration. It’s all about ensuring that your business is getting the most out of these crucial partnerships.


Torchlite’s Channel Partner Management software is tailor-made to empower you on this collaborative journey. It provides the tools and insights needed to manage your channel partner network effectively, ensuring that you make the most of these valuable relationships. With Torchlite, you can streamline partner onboarding, monitor partner performance, and optimize collaboration, all while unlocking the true potential of channel partnerships. With Torchlite in your hands, you’ll outshine the competition with the power of your partnerships. Book a demo today and see for yourself what a true Channel Partner Management system can do for your business.