Torchlite FAQ

Torchlite FAQ

Does Torchlite automate deal registration for tracking and distribution?

Yes, partners can use the partner portal to register a deal, which can be assigned to a sales rep and tracked within the system.

How does a partner accept the terms of the partnership?

You configure what tasks, forms, documents, videos etc that a partner needs to do to be accepted. This can include links to document signature systems or be tracked within Torchlite.

Does Torchlite offer a single POV on all partner activities regardless of who is engaged with the partner?

Yes, Torchlite enables your entire team to work together in one central location.

Does Torchlite offer centralized partner onboarding and marketing and enablement?

Torchlite gives partners access to partner resources and enables you to target partners with specific content depending on where they are with their partner journey. We also integrate with your favorite sales enablement platform.

Does Partner offer personalized marketing communications?

Yes, Torchlite enables your partner marketing managers to communicate in a highly personalized and automated way with partners.

Does Torchlite automate partner payments and integrate with our billing system?

Yes, Torchlite enables you to pay out referral fees and distribute MDF funds when partners hit goals set by the team through common payment gateways.

Does Torchlite enable partners to use unique referral links for tracking and payments?

Yes, partners can access unique referral links directly from within the partner portal.

How do I reach someone if I'm having a problem with the platform?

Reach out to us via your companies Slack connection.
Or reach out directly via email to Support (at) Torchlite (dot) com

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