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Our product innovations are designed to be flexible and scalable for growing channel and partner programs.

Affiliate Program Link Tracking

Affiliate marketing is a powerful strategy for businesses looking to expand their reach and drive sales through a network of partners. To manage and optimize your affiliate program effectively, you need reliable affiliate program software. And with Torchlite, you can launch affiliate and advocacy campaigns,  activate your partners to make the most out of their powerful connections beyond referrals. Here are key points to consider:

  • Affiliate links for tracking through email and social
  • Connect directly with Chili Piper and allow for immediate scheduling in the moment.
  • View real time tracking of clicks and submitted deal flow through.
Affiliate links for Affiliate partner

Deal Registration

Stop spending all your time chasing deals. Partners register deals to get access to data and resources that will help them close more business, and you get more visibility and the tools you need to shorten the sales cycle and close more deals.

  • Meet partners where they are and enable them to register deals quickly and easily
  • Keep your data clean and up to date with seamless CRM Integration 
  • Trigger campaigns and messages based on deal stage

Partner Portal & Directory

Your partner portal is the front door to your partner program. It needs to be easy to navigate, current and a reflection of your unique brand.

  • Enable partners to create and manage their own partner listing within the directory
  • Customize filters and search criteria to make it easy for customers to find partners
  • Simplify the approval process and keep partners informed every step of the way

Partner Resources

Empower your marketing team to develop personalized Content for each type or tier of partner and enable partners to hit the ground running with the materials that are relevant to the partnership they are a part of, even custom joint marketing pieces.

  • Provide enablement, training, technical documentation or custom marketing pieces
  • Provide access to all or limit access by type tier or individual company level
  • Create separate light weight training programs with videos and quizes to test comprehension 
  • Create badges or attainment for levels of achievement, at the company or user level.

Crossbeam Account Mapping, with Bombora Intent Data & Followup

Crossbeam enables partner teams to connect with the companies in your partner ecosystem through free account mapping tools, an industry leading network and seamless Partner Cloud integrations.  And with Torchlite, you can take advantage of those insights and launch campaigns, assign tasks and activate your sales team to make the most out of these powerful connections.

  • Start account mapping directly within your PRM and get real-time updates on overlapping customers and shared pipeline
  • Empower your sales team to take action and recommend playbooks and next steps
  • View status of prospecting and deal flow through

Channel Marketing & Journey Building

Empower your marketing team to develop personalized channel marketing campaigns and enable partners to build, launch and track their own campaigns using customizable templates and personalized link tracking.

  • Trigger campaigns throughout the partner journey to onboard and enable partners
  • Accelerate pipeline performance with CRM Integration
  • Track performance with personalized link tracking and customizable dashboards

Channel & Partner Management / Reporting

In the world of channel partnerships success hinges on collaboration, accountability, and transparency. One invaluable tool for achieving these goals is the tracking of quota reports and partner reporting. It is not just about measuring performance; it’s about creating a culture of collaboration, accountability, and mutual success. It fosters stronger partner relationships, empowers strategic decision-making, and drives the growth and prosperity of your partner program.

  • View individual partner performance or by partner tier.
  • Filter and view partners by tier, quota and performance to quota.
  • Track total referrals, sourced revenue and level of engagement in real-time.
  • View standard and customized reports built for your team


We’ve worked with top industry channel leaders to create playbooks that enable partners to accurately represent your products and effectively communicate your USP (Unique Selling Proposition.). But since no deal is the same, and no two partners are the same, we’ve enabled your team to create and publish your own playbooks to maximize partner performance.

  • Leverage actionable playbooks built directly into the product
  • Empower partners to create their own playbooks or create your own
  • Recommend playbooks by industry, company size or sales stage

Ready to ignite your partner program and outshine the competition?