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INDIANAPOLIS, Aug. 22, 2023 /PRNewswire/ —, a leading innovator in the field of partnership referral management software, is thrilled to announce a groundbreaking Intelligence enhancement to their platform that will transform the way businesses manage their referral programs. With the introduction of intent-based data combined with account mapping, is paving the way for more effective, data-driven, and targeted partnership referral strategies.

Partnership referrals have long been recognized as a potent strategy, driving growth and expanding customer reach through trusted business alliances. Torchlite’s new intent-based data integration now takes this to the next level by empowering businesses with unparalleled insights into customer behavior and interests. By harnessing the power of intent data,’s users can better identify prospects with genuine interest in their products or services, leading to higher conversion rates and enhanced customer acquisition.

Key features of’s intelligence system include:
Enhanced Targeting:’s partnership referral management software now utilizes Crossbeam account mapping and can integrate customer-licensed data such as Bombora Company Surge® intent data to segment and target potential accounts based on company-level spikes in research on relevant topics and products. This refined targeting ensures that businesses are connecting with prospects who are actively seeking solutions that match their offerings.

Personalized Referral Journeys: By leveraging intent-based data, enables businesses to deliver personalized referral journeys to their prospects.

Optimized Conversion Rates: With deeper insights into prospect intent, businesses can now focus their efforts on the most promising leads, resulting in less work for their program partners with more effectiveness at closing referrals into business.

Comprehensive Analytics: provides comprehensive analytics and reporting on the performance of partnership referral campaigns. Empowering businesses to refine and optimize their strategies for maximum results.

"We are excited to introduce intent-based data integration to our partnership referral management software," said Kelly Schwedland, CEO at "Businesses can now leverage customer intent to optimize their partner programs while simplifying the management of that program. Torchlight's platform using intelligence simplifies partner program management so you can build relationships with your partners."’s intent-based data integration is set to reshape the landscape of partnership referral management, equipping businesses with the tools needed to thrive in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

About is a leading innovator in partnership referral management software, empowering businesses to build and optimize high-impact referral programs. Through cutting-edge technology, integrations and a customer-centric approach, helps businesses tap into the power of partnerships to drive growth and expand their customer base.
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Crossbeam is the first and most powerful partner ecosystem platform. Home to over 15,000 growing companies, Crossbeam helps partnering organizations securely share data, identify overlapping accounts and grow deals with ecosystem-led growth.
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Bombora tells businesses which companies are researching their products and services. With this understanding, sales and marketing teams can be more relevant and consistent and improve performance across all activities. This intent-driven approach revolutionizes the way businesses market and sell to other businesses through transparent data built on an ecosystem of quality, collaboration and innovation.
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