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The right partner programs and solutions, shape partner engagement. And cast a bigger market influence with fewer resources to power revenue. The fact is, partners need easy, low friction tools to keep deals flowing as networks expand.

Does your partner program sales stack look something like shared spreadsheets and docs, emails and calls, all logged into a common CRM? In the beginning it seems manageable. When channel managers spend more and more time doing admin work when they should be building relationships, it is time for a better partner solution with seamless cross-platform integration.


Partner Programs (or PRM’s) are designed to quickly on-ramp channel sales, aligning sales and marketing teams with powerful resources. PRM tools build on the success of accelerated CRM integration, now widely accepted by SMBs, mid market, and enterprise orgs.

Although it may seem like a new concept to the uninitiated, PRM strategies have been in the works for some time. Forrester analysis predicted in November 2020 that “managing these growing ecosystems in a consistent, predictable, and productive way is critical to the success of organizations looking to expand their go-to-market strategies.”

In fact, several studies have shown the positive impact that partner ecosystems have on improved results:

  1. Deloitte, saw companies with strong partner ecosystems grow 1.5x faster than those without.
  2. Forrester Research found that companies with effective partner programs generate 28% of their total revenue through their partner channels.
  3. Aberdeen Group found that companies with strong partner programs have a 13% higher customer retention rate.
  4. Accenture found that 31% of B2B companies’ revenue comes from partnerships.
  5. Gartner found that companies that engage in partner marketing programs see a 24% increase in deal size.
  6. SiriusDecisions found that companies with strong partner programs have a 10% higher win rate than those without.

Not to mention that most companies are seeing reduced effectiveness of traditional means of generating sales. And in todays business climate, effective strategies for growth like partner programs are highly encouraging.


Intuitive account mapping, deal automation, and partner discovery illuminate untapped partner revenue opportunities. Good PRM drives collaboration, intelligently distributes leads, optimizes marketing resources, and creates new sales opportunities. The right partner program platform scales as business grows.

Critical components go beyond a doorway into a collection of storefronts. Effective partner platforms meet partners where they are instead of requiring them to adopt new processes and technology.

  • Delight partners with a solution they’ll love
  • Drive revenue with seamless co-marketing and co-selling features
  • Shine a light on the success of your partner program


Equipped to serve some of the largest enterprise needs with co-marketing and co-selling made easy. Torchlite offers robust sales stack and finance integration combined with insight analytics to surface measurable partner performance at any scale.

With Torchlite, you can start with a handful of referral partners, manage a sophisticated global VAR program and engage thousands of small agencies and independent affiliates through a dedicated portal.


Torchlite provides the expertise needed to develop a partner experience right for every budget. Connect today to schedule a demo. Everything you need and nothing more.