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The Torchlite Marketplace is an exclusive network of professional administrators, solution consultants, designers, developers, and marketers who specialize in building and optimizing cross-cloud Salesforce solutions. We call them Flexperts, and they’re the very best at what they do.


Scalable Solutions

Torchlite Flexperts help businesses implement a range of scalable solutions from simple set-ups, to complex cross-cloud strategies, and everything in between. And, by utilizing proven Playbooks and customized plans based on thousands of successful projects, they help you get back to business with no long term contracts, minimums, or limits — just the right people at the right time, within budget.

“I love the flexibility and customer-first mentality of Torchlite. Salesforce is a living, breathing thing that will require high-skilled expertise for our plan to work. We like the ability to have access to short-term projects and problem solving assistance through the Torchlite network.”


How It All Started

Susan Marshall, Torchlite Founder and CEO, worked for years with top engineers at Apple, Adobe, and Salesforce to deliver innovative software products to market. She knew early on that a lot of businesses would need help finding qualified support for the array of complex tools now at their fingertips.

She brought the first Torchlite Marketplace online in 2015 to serve businesses who needed to scale their digital marketing efforts, but who didn’t have long-term budgets to make it happen. The idea was to create a roadmap for marketers to successfully navigate the digital learning curve ahead, while giving highly skilled, professional freelancers the opportunity to expand their own portfolios and businesses. She assembled a network of hand-picked experts (Flexperts) ready to fill the gaps created by an economy increasingly dependent on information technology.

Where We Are, Now

The Torchlite Marketplace continues to evolve as tech changes the way business gets done. Now a Certified Salesforce Partner, Torchlite’s primary focus is to serve businesses working with cross-cloud Salesforce products including Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Pardot, and Commerce Cloud. Our clients range from micros and small businesses using Salesforce Essentials, to mid-size and enterprise level clients using multiple Salesforce products. And, we haven’t forgotten our roots in digital marketing solutions including Marketing Strategy, Design, and Content Creation.


Something To Believe In

Torchlite is based on the same principles that propelled Susan’s career when coding was required to build a website and data migration was still a mystery:

Always work with the best in the field to achieve great results.

Open and honest communication promotes a culture of transparency and respect.

Collaboration is the best way to meet challenges and develop creative solutions.

We trust each other and share ideas openly.

Be curious and never stop asking questions. Our eagerness to understand and grow pushes us forward.

Businesses Who Trust Torchlite to Fill The Gaps On Their Team

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