About Us

Empowering marketers to focus on their passions

Torchlite is the only platform with the marketer's best interest in mind.

At Torchlite, everything we do is centered around advocating for the marketer. Our campaign management platform provides a new way to get digital marketing done right by seamlessly combining people, technology, and campaigns into a single interface. And our marketplace of experts helps you make the most of your digital marketing - inspiring you to focus on the work you love most.

A New Way To Get Digital Marketing Done

Digital marketing is complex. Marketers today need guidance on how to identify what's truly a top priority and help to get it done. At Torchlite, we believe it's not enough to just create another software solution. It's about bringing people and technology together to create a fast, nimble, and tech-enabled approach to get marketing done.

What We Value

Our core values are the heartbeat of the Torchlite culture. They reflect who we are, what we do, and how we make decisions.


We speak openly and honestly - promoting a culture of transparency and respect.


We solve challenges and create solutions through teamwork. We trust each other and share ideas openly.


We never stop asking "why?" Our eagerness to understand and grow pushes us forward.

People-First Culture

We believe people matter most. What we've found is when you build a diverse community, transformative ideas are born on behalf of the customer.