Enterprise App Store (EAS)

Build and Launch your own Branded App Store

Get started in weeks with our free version, upgrade as you grow

  • Configure and launch a marketplace within a matter of days using a self-serve wizard.
  • Add new functionality as your ecosystem grows.
  • Work with the Torchlite team to establish best practices.

Enable customers to quickly find and install apps to extend your platform

  • Customize your store’s appearance, colors & name.
  • Create multiple app stores for specific use cases such as beta, production or partner app store.
  • View, moderate and export user feedback data.
  • Send automated push notifications when new apps or updates are available.

Easily manage app submission, approval and install process

  • Enable developers to submit apps and send notifications when approved or if changes need to be made.
  • Publish developer resources and documentation, push content automatically during the app development/submission process.
  • Notify users when a new version is available and needs to be installed.

Get visibility into overall store performance and individual apps

  • See how well apps are performance and instantly view how well a deployment has reached users.
  • View device stats and view, moderate and expert user feedback.
  • See all stats in real-time through partner dashboards and customizable reporting capabilities.

Ready to ignite your partner program and outshine the competition?