Become a Torchliter

Whatever you love to do, let Torchlite help you do it.

The Torchlite community is home to today’s top freelance marketing talent. Known as Torchliters, these experts are doing work they’re passionate about with some of today’s leading brands.

Why Torchlite?

Partnering with Torchlite is a no-brainer for freelance marketers because we send business your way and take care of all the admin work, keeping you focused on the part you love most – marketing.

Collaborate for a common goal

Torchliter teams are built with the customer's objective in mind

Let someone else handle the paperwork

We take care of contracts and invoicing so you can focus on delivering wildly successful marketing to your clients

Say so long to cold calling

We match you with businesses looking for your expertise

Manage all of your work in one place

Torchlite Action enables you to build marketing plans, deliver work, and track progress for all of your clients in one platform

What Torchliters Are Saying

The support of the community has been really invaluable for me. I have a very collaborative work-style. I like to ask questions and get confirmation from my teammates. Working for myself and by myself has been a tough transition for me, and it’s not something I feel I can always talk about with my friends who have full-time jobs. It’s nice to have a network of people who ‘get it’.

Robin L.

The community of freelancers. I love having a network to bounce ideas off of and ask for help. There's always someone there to answer any questions I have, recommend tools, or just chat about our favorite TV shows.

Chris K.

I think the thing I like the best is the flexibility and collaborative nature of Torchlite. I think it's important to understand what your strengths and weaknesses are, and Torchliters are great at asking good questions and giving feedback in a collaborative, non-competetive environment.

Aric H.

Everybody I’ve worked with, Torchliters and clients, have been great. I love the flexibility of working on different projects for different business types. It keeps things fresh!

Lance P.

It's absolutely the people. From the internal team to our Torchliters, it's been a really positive, reaffirming experience.

Susan N.

I like the freedom and accessibility. Working with Torchlite gives me the opportunity to grow my professional life, while still having a personal one. In addition, I enjoy the free flow of information and that there are constantly opportunities for growth and learning.

Ashley W.