What Torchliters Are Saying About Torchlite's Latest Release

Apr 09, 2018 Maria Rummel


Torchlite’s latest update is already shaping up to be a game-changer for freelance marketers.
From our beginning, it’s been the mission of Torchlite to enable marketers to do great work and love what they do every single day. Now, we’ve taken that one step further, with a public two-sided marketplace.
Now with Torchlite, freelancers have a professional and robust place to showcase their services, find new clients and deliver great work. Freelancers can build their own businesses by providing five-star experiences highlighted by ratings and reviews on their public storefront. Further, organizing client work around a freelancer’s existing process is easy through Torchlite’s collaboration software.
Torchlite Freelancer Storefront
We let a few of our Torchliters into the software for a sneak-peak. This is what they are saying:
Robin Lanning
A marketing, sales & communication consultant with a passion for helping both people and organizations become their best.

“I’m excited for the opportunities this new platform will open up for me as a freelancer. The ability to collaborate with other freelancers who I already know that I work great with in such a streamlined way is a game-changer!”
Chris Keller

A relentless full-stack digital marketer focused on getting your brand the RIGHT attention from the RIGHT people.

Check out Chris Keller’s storefront
“One of the biggest struggles as a freelancer is business development. Torchlite’s new marketplace helps bring new clients right to me. It’s a core partner in growing my business”
Scott Curry

Obsessed with UX design, web development, and developing creative ideas.
Check out Scott Curry’s storefront
“The new Torchlite platform gives freelancers a new level of control over our businesses. It’s a tool I didn’t know I needed that is going to make my life so much easier… The new platform also gives freelancers a bigger sales pipeline with more control and organization than any other tool out there.”
For more information on our latest release, check out the press release or visit Torchlite.com to get started.

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