What Clients Want: Delivering Marketing that Moves the Needle

Apr 20, 2017 Guest Contributor

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As an agency or freelance marketer, your goal is to make your clients happy. But as we all know, miscommunications and other hiccups can arise, making it difficult to please each and every client you have.
What if I told you that most of your clients are predictable? Most of the time, they want the same needs to be met. Understanding this and knowing what’s most important to your clients before you start your first campaign puts you in the best position to deliver wildly successful results. Read on as we break down what your customers actually want.
Your clients want you to:

Solve a Problem

Clients want solutions. If a client comes to you with a problem they’re having, they want you to solve it, bottom line. The client cares less about how you’ll solve it than that you’ll be able to solve it in the first place.
Explaining your process and the logistics of your job isn’t going to keep them interested. Instead, they want assurance that you have the skills and expertise to fix the issue for them.

Stick to Deadlines

If you’re going to set a deadline, you need to stick to it or even come in ahead of schedule. Just as you plan your time around what a client needs, clients plan their business around when they’ll receive the completed work. If you find that you have trouble sticking to deadlines, come up with a new deadline policy.
For example, if you can never seem to deliver within one week, let your clients know that your new deadline policy is ten business days. Whenever you set a deadline, though, you need to stick to it.

Protect Their Information

Clients want to know that their important information is safe and protected. You may need to gather their passwords and credit card information in order to complete a project, which can be difficult for the client to hand over. All of your systems for both you and your client, from virtual bookkeeping to managing social media ads for a brand, should always be safe and secure.

Give Them Genuine Interactions

Clients don’t want to feel like they’re talking to a robot. They want to relate to someone and speak with a genuine person. According to Kissmetrics, clients don’t want you to be nameless or faceless; they want to know who they’re interacting with and form a rapport with you.
Chat with your customers as you would if you were in front of them in person. Don’t be afraid to lead with a little bit of small talk, either.

Openly Communicate

Everyone makes mistakes. Clients want to know that if you mess up, you’ll be open and honest about it. Don’t be afraid to face the music – most people will appreciate that you weren’t afraid to tell the truth.
Moreover, make sure that you’re available to your clients when they need you (within reason). Knowing they can get in touch with you when they need something will make them feel important and they’ll trust you with their business.

Help Them Budget

Service providers often raise their rates, which is fine – that’s how they continue to make money and get paid for their expertise. However, clients don’t want this to come as a surprise to them.
If you’re not going to grandfather your clients in and continue to offer them their usual rate even as your prices increase, make sure to give them fair warning that a change is coming. It’s also a good idea to offer them alternative services that will still meet their needs and fit their budget once your rates go up.
Understanding your client’s expectations makes it easier to meet them. Remember, though, you can go out of your way for a client and do everything right, yet still not win them over. Hopefully, though, by following these tips you’ll make a majority of your clients happy and learn more about their needs and expectations in the process.
Lewis Robinson is a business consultant specializing in CRM and sales. He’s begun multiple corporations and currently freelances as a writer and personal consultant.

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