How to Use Twitter to Assist with B2B Sales

Sep 30, 2016 Guest Contributor

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By Tim Brown, Director of Strategy, Snap Agency – Social Media Marketing
What is the ROI of Twitter marketing? The ROI of Twitter marketing for B2B businesses is generally more about brand awareness, and reputation – with the occasional opportunity to really plug your services. If you purchase advertising on Twitter, yes perhaps the threshold for selling is higher, and expected.
The largest brands in the world spend millions of dollars on Twitter marketing because they understand that being where the people are and interacting – can earn more eyeballs but is it right for your B2B business?
Well, in my experience Twitter can be a great way to assist your other sales efforts. Especially if you’re demonstrating your company’s value on Twitter through high-quality visuals and sharing the best of the best information on the services or products your company offers. Follow these 3 tips to use Twitter to assist with B2B sales:

1. Always follow the people that you are prospecting on Twitter. Tweet content that would delight them, instruct them, or show off your industry expertise.

We configured our CRM, that when we get a lead and enter them in our system, it automatically creates a task to follow them on Twitter. Why?
We know our social media presence is strong, creates social proof and shows off our culture. People don’t work with companies – people work with other people; and our Twitter account show’s off our people, their expertise, and allows people to get to know is in a low-pressure way.

2. Pinpoint someone who is killing it who does work similar to your company and follow the people that follow them.

If you have a competitor who is doing excellent work and has a solid following on Twitter, you can follow the people that follow them and a fraction of those will follow you back. You’ve:

  1. Ensured they were interested in people like you.
  2. Essentially pinged them and let them know you exist.
  3. Given them an opportunity to learn about what you do and to follow you.

Aggressive? Yes, a bit. But it works – follower numbers go up, engagement with your posts will go up, and without fail more people will start conversations with you. If you’ve pinpointed the right people to follow, a number of them will be the kinds of people that will reach out to you for services. But remember, your number one goal on social is to leave a good impression and to share value – not just to go for the kill/ get a sale.
Taking a good hard look at our Google Analytics, we’ve noticed that a lot of the ‘conversions’ on our site had social media as a secondary visit. So people didn’t convert after clicking on a link on social media, but later when they were looking for our services they found us on search – likely the fact that they had seen us before (through our aggressive and friendly social media presence) made them more likely to convert, and become customers. This is called an ‘assisted conversion.’ Always remember the concept of ‘assisted conversions’ when you’re sharing value on social.

3. Always keep an eye out for industry hashtags, and share content your B2B Customers would like

Don’t be a one-sided participant in social media. Real-time engagement, retweeting people, favorite-ing people in your industry and those who might be future customers or clients should be a big part of the time you invest in social media weekly.
A retweet is an opportunity to associate your brand with some content that took another person or company many hours to create, so it’s a win-win to retweet awesome content around the industry. Just don’t get too technical and start only adding value to other insiders – if you’re like a lot of B2B companies, your clientele needs palatable and down-to-earth content rather than the deepest how-to guide. Social is an opportunity to share the easy stuff, the fun stuff, and your culture – and support your website’s goals through brand awareness and slowly raise your company’s reputation.
The discipline of creating an effective B2B social media presence isn’t a sprint to the finish, but a recognition of the daily or weekly habits that help create that positive impression.
Tim Brown, author of How to Use Twitter to Generate B2B SalesTim Brown is a designer and marketer for Snap Agency and creates websites that are built around business goals and that are built to attract traffic through SEO Marketing, increase influence with Social Media Marketing and increase conversions through Conversion Rate Optimization.

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