Our Own Use Case: How Torchlite uses Torchlite

May 17, 2018 Maria Rummel

Collaboration, Marketing Technology

The average marketer spends 8 hours in meetings a week, and 15 hours completing repetitive tasks. To put that into perspective, that leaves just over two work-days a week to actually get things done. For our lean team in a fast-growing business, that simply wouldn’t cut it.
By using our own software, we’ve been able to cut down on hours spent in meetings and completing repetitive tasks by an estimated 30 percent.
I thought I’d share a little bit about how we got here.
First of all, Torchlite was built for marketers, by marketers. No other marketplace, communication or collaboration tool was made specifically for the kind of work we do. We also connect you with people that can actually get the work done. No one else does that. With that in mind, here are some of the ways our marketing team uses Torchlite today:

Leveraging the marketplace

Just like our clients, we understand that specialized experts can save us both time and money. Whenever a need arises outside our team’s wheelhouse, we tap into our marketplace of freelancers for specialized experts in areas such as marketing automation, analytics, or PPC. Because we’re not making full time hires every time a small need arises, we’re able to stay agile in our planning, stretch our budget, and spend our time focusing on the larger strategy rather than getting stuck in the weeds trying to keep up with the latest technology.

Project collaboration

Within our own workspace, our projects are broken down into a set of deliverables, tasks, and due dates. We can assign these tasks to individuals on our internal team, or our freelance experts. Whether we’re in the office or on the go, we can all drill into projects to see what’s blocking what, what’s overdue, and what needs to be approved or completed. This transparency makes it much easier to quickly move projects and campaigns from strategy to completion.

Team communication

Torchlite keeps track of everyone working on projects and campaigns so we always know who’s doing what, and can communicate with the correct stakeholders.
While we still use email and Slack for communicating with the entire team, Torchlite serves as the communication hub for our internal marketing team, freelancers, consultants, and agencies. The vast majority of communication about the projects we’re working on happens in Torchlite – if we’re already there to see what needs to get done, why not keep all of our notes on how to get it done in the same place?

Easy to use, repeatable templates

One of the biggest time saving tools in Torchlite is the ability to create project templates. We have a library of marketing templates in Torchlite that make it easy to create all the deliverables and tasks needed to launch a product, event, or piece of content. These templates include the list of deliverables and tasks we are likely to need every time we attend an event, launch a new product or write a thought leadership piece. When planning for these projects, all we have to do is select the appropriate template, customize it as necessary, set a milestone date, and assign roles. Then, once a project is activated, all of the due dates and task assignees automatically populate around the chosen milestone date and the role assignments.
If you’re wondering how you could save time by templatizing your marketing plan, check out this post!

Why it matters

At the end of the day, we couldn’t do what we do if it weren’t for Torchlite. Over the last year, leveraging our own business model and tapping our own marketplace has enabled us to create the output of a much larger marketing organization, while saving us $250k in headcount costs.
But we didn’t just build it for ourselves. We built it for marketing teams who are working hard to digitally transform their businesses every single day. It’s not easy, but you CAN get it all done through freelancers, agencies, internal team members and a software platform that was built specifically for the modern marketing department!
Try it out for yourself today!

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