5 Ways B2B Marketers Can Use Twitter Advanced Search to Build Influence

Mar 21, 2017 Emily Brungard

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Searching Twitter seems simple – type in what you’re looking for, and it appears in seconds. Those simple searches are great when you’re looking for news on your favorite celebrity or sports team, but what about when you need something more in-depth?
That’s where the Twitter Advanced Search function comes in. Advanced Search allows users to filter search results based on more than a dozen criteria, including keywords, exact phrases, certain hashtags, dates, times, and more.
In the B2B world, the search function is especially important because decisions are usually made by a group of executives who, ideally, are searching for solutions that your business can supply.
As a B2B marketer, how can you make sure your company is at the top of their Twitter search results?

1) Use keywords that your audience uses

First and foremost, don’t use complex wording or complete sentences – when companies search, they’re using short phrases. For example, instead of “Indianapolis-area computer memory storage repair,” use brief terms like “Indianapolis computer repair.”
Because of Advanced Search, you can type in exact phrases, single words or even exclude certain words. Start broad and provide more complex information as your audience moves from the search to interest in your business.

2) Monitor hashtags

Twitter’s Advanced Search allows users to follow certain hashtags – this is especially helpful for marketers. If you are a healthcare company marketing to hospitals, use hashtags like #healthcosts or #hcsm to reach your desired audience.
Next, save these searches for easy access by clicking “More Options” and “Save This Search” in Twitter’s search function. Twitter allows you to save up to 25 searches per account. Jump in on the dialogue, too. Use these hashtags to add valuable information to the conversation.

3) Find missing pieces

You can search certain words or phrases to find what people need more information on. For example, if you type “digital marketing” into the “All of these words” search box, type “online tutorial” into the “This exact phrase” box, and limited your location to Indianapolis, you could find information from digital marketing experts and organizations like Torchlite.
The advanced search functions allow you to see what people are asking for or complaining about which creates an opportunity for your company to fill the gap.

4) Embed tweets into your website

Do you have a blog? Did you just post an important update on Twitter? Get more eyes on your tweets by including selected tweets in your posts with advanced Twitter functions.
You can customize the embedded content boxes to include an account’s timeline, an aggregate of tweets as a result of using a certain hashtag or by tapping into the global conversation around a search result.

5) Add a call to action

Twitter Advanced Search
Photo: Act-on.com

Lastly, calls to action are statistically proven to drive greater engagement from readers. For example, simply asking for your readers to retweet can help engagement and reach skyrocket. Change up your CTAs and use them strategically, though – you don’t want to dilute your message by forcing a call to action that doesn’t make sense.
Have you used Twitter’s advanced search to find customers? Do you have any tips on how to use Twitter for marketing to businesses? Share them in the comments below.

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