Tried & True SEO Tips for Boosting Organic Traffic

Apr 26, 2017 Olivia Carroll

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Every time you Google “celebrities doing the cinnamon challenge,” (which I would assume is often) you get a list of specific and targeted videos that are exactly what you’re looking for.
The algorithms for search engine tools are programmed to give your website incredible reach and low bounce rates, as long as you know how to create Google-friendly content. So how exactly can your content become the cinnamon challenge video of your field?
Here are some tips and tricks to boost your SEO to your fullest advantage and reach your targeted audience organically.

Use a Sitemap

Sitemaps allow Google to find and crawl your site easily. Essentially, sitemaps are files that list the web pages of your site.
According to the Google sitemap guide, sitemaps are particularly useful if:

  • Your site is particularly large (a sitemap ensure Google finds all of your new and updated content)
  • Your site has a large archive of content on isolated pages
  • Your site is relatively new and has few external links
  • Your site uses rich media content (as shown in Google News) or uses other sitemaps-compatible annotations.

For tips on how to build a sitemap, visit the Google sitemap guide.

Latent Semantic Indexing

LSI is a mathematical method used to determine the relationship between terms and concepts in content. The contents of a web page are crawled by a search engine and the most common words and phrases are collated and identified as the keywords for the page.
Latent semantic indexing is a process used to identify terms and phrases that have similar meanings to your target keywords. When you Google “picture” and “image” appears in your searches this is the use of LSI. It uses words related to a topic to try to narrow down what you are trying to find.
According to SEO Inc., “Latent semantic indexing helps overcome differences in language, style, and even misspelled words and grammar errors.”
LSI is all about the context of your content, so making your content relevant and readable is essential to get the largest number of visitors to your site.
So then, what’s the best way to optimize your latent semantic indexing?
Here are some simple tips to entirely optimize your search engine potential:

  • Use LSI keywords
  • Image optimization: Rename images already used with an LSI keyword to give it a new pool of searches.
  • Use keyword tools like SEOPressor or Google Adwords to identify potential LSI keywords to target

For more tips visit the infographic below:
SEO tips to boost traffic

Infographic: Search Engine Land

SEO is essential to digital marketing success. With these tips and tricks, your website will expand its organic reach while keeping your content relevant and unique.
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