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Jul 15, 2016 Beth Smedinghoff

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It’s been a big week at Torchlite! We’ve hit a milestone of doubling revenue in just 6 months and launching new platform features including our Torchliter Marketplace.

Torchlite Platform- Torchliter Marketplace

Torchliter Marketplace: Featured Torchliter view and bench.

So what is the Torchliter Marketplace? The Marketplace is a network of freelancers or what we like to call, Torchliters™, who have been vetted by their industry experience and specialized skills. After an extensive review process, Torchliters are approved to begin the journey working with Torchlite and our clients. The Marketplace is critical to help our clients achieve their digital marketing goals as it enables Torchlite and its team of Strategic Leads to put the best team of experts together.
Torchliter Marketplace - Search Results

Torchliter Marketplace: Torchliter search results.

Freelancers looking to join the Torchlite community can now apply to become part of the Torchlite Marketplace. We’re guessing your next question is how does one become a Torchliter? We thought you’d never ask.
Once in the application process, Torchliters provide information about themselves and their areas of expertise including work examples, links to profiles, tools they are proficient in, and interests. This information provides a snapshot of each applicant so Torchlite can ensure each client has the right team to support their programs.
Torchliter Marketplace - Overview Page

Torchliter Application: First step in the Torchliter application process.

Torchliter Marketplace - Skills

Torchliter application process: Add skills, tools, and interests to your profile to show capabilities.

Torchlite Marketplace - Work History

Torchliter application: Add work history and work samples to showcase work.

After adding work history, a proficiency test allows the Torchlite team to better understand the freelancer’s knowledge on the skills they’ve selected. Once complete, freelancers are then able to submit an application to then have their profile approved to be apart of the Marketplace.
Torchliter Marketplace - Application Summary

Torchliter application: Summary of complete application before submitting.

Once approved, Torchliters profiles are live and searchable within the Marketplace.
Torchliter Profile
What we love most about the Torchlite Marketplace is it enables us to empower our clients to get the best team in place to achieve success and equips digital marketing experts to do what they love most.
Are you a freelancer interested in learning more about becoming a Torchliter? Learn more and apply today to be part of the Torchliter Marketplace! If you’re interested to see how Torchlite can help your business with digital marketing, request a free demo.
About Torchlite
Torchlite is a SaaS marketplace of highly vetted digital marketing experts powered by a data-driven platform that provides full visibility into campaigns and allows real-time collaboration. Torchlliters™, our certified digital marketing experts, focus on driving leads, online traffic, and revenue to help grow businesses. For more information, visit www.blog.torchlite.com.

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