Customer Success Is In Our DNA: The Story Behind the Torchlite Logo

Sep 05, 2018 Susan Marshall

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Branding is about values. It’s your corporate personality and culture. The Torchlite logo was designed to capture our guiding principles and values.

The Triangles: Emphasizing Our Experts

Our logo is a true representation of our philosophy and mission of empowering marketers to focus on their passions. When you look at our logo, you immediately see a group of triangles. When you look closer, you see an equal number of colored triangles and empty triangles, or gaps. There’s no such thing as a marketing unicorn, and marketers can’t be experts in every tool they use. We fill in those skills gaps with our on-demand experts, because even the best marketers need an extra set of hands from time to time.
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The Flipped Funnel: Putting Our Customers First

From the very beginning, I knew that if we invested in our customers and helped them win, Torchlite would be a success. The flipped funnel is the embodiment of that core value and we’ve wholeheartedly embraced a “if our customers are successful, we’ll be successful” corporate philosophy.
We invested early on in a customer success team and a vetting process, only accepting the best digital marketing freelance experts that apply to work with our customers.
According to Joseph Jaffee, best selling author of the book Flip the Funnel: How to Use Existing Customers to Gain New Ones, customer success is good business. Here’s why:

  1. It costs roughly five to ten times more to acquire a new customer than it does to retain an existing one.
  2. Companies continue to disproportionately spend their budgets into the “wrong” end of the funnel — the mass media or awareness side — wasting time and resources.
  3. What we haven’t paid enough attention to is the “right” end of the funnel: the word-of-mouth component that essentially acts as a multiplier for future business.
  4. The economic impact of an active, engaged and loyal customer is tremendous.

Using a “flipped funnel” approach to marketing — making customers successful and engaging them to spread the word — has proven to be a winning strategy. Our business has grown so quickly because we focus our energy and resources on building a delightful user experience and minimizing any challenges a customer may encounter. Plus, it feels really, really good when customers find success working with our talented network of independent contractors and expert freelancers!

The Color Orange: Making Marketing Fun Again

Torchlite was founded because more marketers were becoming overwhelmed. One conversation with a Fortune 2000 marketer was the match that started the flame that became Torchlite: she had purchased every Salesforce Marketing Cloud product, but quickly found that using these tools was harder than she had ever imagined. Torchlite’s orange turns that feeling on its head, bringing a bright, optimistic feeling — bringing the fun back to marketing.

The Name: Becoming a Guiding Light for Marketers

Explaining marketing to someone who isn’t involved in the industry is hard enough. When you add complex marketing technology to the mix, it gets even harder to explain. When sharing my idea for the company with a family member, I explained that my goal was to be the light at the end of the tunnel for marketers. He went further to call that light a torch, and the rest is history. Every day I work toward building and improving a product that provides light to marketers who need an extra hand.
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