The Torchlite Guide to Content Marketing in 2017

Mar 30, 2017 Olivia Carroll

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Okay, so we know that content creation no longer takes place in a room full of Mad Men-esque men in suits and ties drinking gin. What is less clear in 2017 is what successful content actually is. Articles and ads today can start to feel like a click-bait tornado, leaving behind low-quality content and a huge headache.
Instead, content marketers need to be more dynamic about their approach to content. 2017 is the year of thinking outside of the box and creating copy that is so entertaining consumers seek it out on their own.
So then, how does a content marketer adapt to the changing times of information absorption?
The answer is simple: rich media. Rich media is an advertisement that contains advanced features such as video, audio, and other features. Rich media is changing the way that we consume media in its entirety. As the technology of augmented reality becomes more advanced, rich media will just become more and more intricate.
Visual learners, rejoice! Visual, interactive storytelling is taking the spotlight, in the form of rich media. In addition to it being fun and creative to create, rich media has a tremendous success rate.
In fact, in a recent study,  AOL found that some advertisers saw 822% higher engagement from mobile video versus traditional display. Comparably, an Adform report reveals interactive ads see a click-through rate 267% higher than static content. (Ad Age).
Readers’ constant bombardment with media is distracting them from static content. But what makes rich media different from static? Rich media includes the addition of quizzes and polls, slideshows, infographics, video, and data visualizations.
Rich media does not necessarily mean that your copy has to drastically change, it just opens up a world of new platform possibilities. Podcasts and e-books are great ways to present your marketing findings.
This rich media infographic explores just how powerful rich media can be, and which formats work better than others. And there are hundreds of other resources designed to help generate inspiration, including the app, Rich Media Ideas.
Rich media is no longer a suggestion – it is a necessary tactic that marketers should embrace. Rich media brings marketing strategies to life in a creative way and is wildly successful. Using these strategies will generate growth in your marketing like a wildflower in the springtime.
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