Torchlite Builds a Culture of Good 

Aug 08, 2017 Maria Rummel

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There is something special about a company that will pause and gather all of their employees, friends, and supporters together under one roof (even if it is a digital roof supported by Facebook Live) for an hour of focused conversation.  Those who joined us and Ryan McCarty from Culture of Good last week, felt a little bit of that magic.

We’d like for you to be able to experience it, too.

That’s why we’ve shared it – unfiltered and live.
This public discussion kicked-off Torchlite’s formal efforts at creating a Culture of Good – a company culture that impacts the world in a positive way and allows stakeholders to pursue their passions while supporting causes they care about.

Hearing Ryan’s story was notably inspiring

For those who missed it, here are a few of Ryan’s points that especially stuck out to our audience:

  • Connecting your WHY with your WHAT benefits both the individual and the business.  Being part of something with a larger purpose will inspire your employees to believe that there is more to the job than just the money, which in turn is contiguous to the customer.
  • “If you’re not intentional about what you do, you lose what makes you special to begin with.” Over time, it can be difficult for companies to hold onto the unique culture that they were once founded on.
  • “The big question is how do you take a moment and turn it into a movement?” Creating a culture that both lasts and gives back is about a lot more than hosting a single event or writing a check to support a cause. It is about developing a program that everyone can hold a stake in and rally around.

Our CEO, Susan Marshall, is driven to build a culture of good to give back to the community that helped her build this business and to feed the passions of the talented Torchlite team. To which she said, “the people who want to grow the business, they have a heart and they want to give back. So in order to attract the smartest, most talented people – you have to allow them to tap into what they are most passionate about.”
As a company, it is Torchlite’s driving force to turn strategy into action – so just talking about this wouldn’t have been enough. At the end of our presentation, we revealed a special surprise to spearhead our own philanthropic efforts by supporting a cause our team member Aaron Berkey has been deeply involved with and passionately supported – Circle City Prep.
Circle City Prep is a local charter school that opened this week in Indianapolis with the mission to create an educational path for students that starts in kindergarten and includes college. Please consider joining us in donating items for their founding year through Amazon Wishlists for books and classroom supplies.
Keep up with Torchlite’s continuing efforts as we work together to build our own culture of good by connecting with us on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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