Torchlite and Salesforce Essentials Partnered in 2020 To Support Small Businesses

Dec 30, 2020 Elizabeth Basile

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Supporting SMBs takes flexibility. One size does not fit all in CRM integration. Salesforce Essentials Advisors anticipate vital need and listen to what their customers want. They make entry into the ecosystem a breeze and they do it every day.


Mendy has been great so far! We’ve imported accounts, and now contacts. I’ll be sending her more opportunities shortly. 🙂 

Amy Ma, Manager Business Development, VetCare Canada



Adriene’s customer came to Torchlite because she wanted training on how to use Salesforce Essentials. They’d purchased the org and their Operations Lead knew it would help them. She did her research (along with a couple Trailhead modules) on the platform and she wanted to get it right the first time.


They wanted a complete view of the communication occurring with their partners and sponsors. She just didn’t yet know how to use and fully take advantage of the awesome product they’d purchased. The team was using so many different platforms for the business and they really just needed all of their information in one place.  

Adriane Foster, Essentials Advisor



Heather McCusker, Operations Manager for Bella Vita Designs and Practice Mastery, based in Ontario, Canada, opted for 1:1 consulting to design efficient customizations with an immediate impact on business operations.


Heather was great. I worked with them on Lead Process, Sales Process, Custom Fields, Custom Layouts, and other organizational changes. I also provided them with video links and written documentation for tasks they can easily complete on their own.

Juliane Leary, Essentials Advisor

Torchlite Essentials Playbooks


Torchlite matches customers to Salesforce certified Essentials Advisors with Playbook options including Best Practices, Sales and Service Setup, Data Integration and Optimization or 1:1 Consultation to customize the perfect Playbook.


Juliane was a wonderful help. Her organization of what she was implementing for us is well documented, that was greatly appreciated. It will be useful in the future. Working with Juliane was a true pleasure. She was very patient and helpful in the process.

Heather McCusker, Operations Manager at Bella Vita Designs and Practice Mastery.


Thank you to our Essentials Advisor Juliane. With her help, we have been empowered to make a digital shift by organizing the future growth of our company. We appreciated her informative knowledge, caring assistance and detailed technical support that empowered us to launch both companies on the Salesforce platform.

Peter Barry, Practice Mastery



They now have a central location for all of their customer data to help them track projects more effectively, increase engagement and the ability to quickly determine which vendors provide them with the best offering in terms of discounts and delivery dates.

Juliane Leary, Essentials Advisor


Adina Abramowitz, President of Consulting for Change utilized the Data Integration Playbook to get their org on track with Salesforce.


Everything went great and got done the way we hoped it would. My staff and I are now able to use the Essentials functionality in ways that we previously were not. I am really happy with the service. 

Adina Abramowitz, President of Consulting for Change


The Torchlite Essentials Marketplace is where customers and consultants connect to create solutions that work. Clear communication and deliverables are what makes Torchlite a great place to do business. 



Our hand-selected Essentials Advisors not only know how to get you up and running on your CRM, but will also teach you the best practices to get the most out of your sales, services and marketing efforts. 


Hire an Advisor today! More information available at

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