The B2B Marketer’s Guide to Social Advertising

Nov 02, 2017 Maria Rummel

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If you’re following your business’s social media accounts, it’s no surprise to you that organic posts are receiving less and less attention from your audience. That means marketers finally have a case to say no to what’s “free” and engage smart dollars in a social media ad strategy that will actually drive results.
Social ads are no longer just for announcing big sales or new product promotions. A strong social ad presence is acceptable (and necessary) for everyday marketing activities such as growing your audience and brand recognition with targeted messaging and content.
Before you jump in too quickly, it’s important to pick the channels and content types that work for your business and budget. We’ve captured the high-level details of the top social media advertising platforms and created easy-to-implement templates to help you get started on each channel.
Check it out:

B2B LinkedIn Ad Campaign

Advertising on LinkedIn can help you reach millions of professionals and generate high-quality leads.
Ad Types: LinkedIn offers Dynamic Ads, Sponsored Content, Sponsored InMail, Text and Display Ads. Be sure to check out these guidelines before creating your ads.
Budget: When building your campaign on LinkedIn you have control over your spend by bid, total budget and can control the end date to ensure you stay on budget.
Inspiration: Here are a few examples that LinkedIn calls out as B2B campaigns that totally crushed it.

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B2B Facebook Ad Campaign

Your target audience hangs out in various parts of the web, but a huge percentage of any target audience uses Facebook. It’s a lead magnet for your target market and a goldmine for creating custom audiences and retargeting website visitors.
Ad types: Showcase your business, product or service with photos, carousel images, videos, slideshows or create an ad canvas.
Budget: Facebook allows you to set your own ad budget, determining the spend on a daily or campaign basis. Additionally, you are able to set a bid and cap the amount you pay based on visibility and engagement.
Inspiration: Looking for something new? Facebook gathered their most eye-catching campaigns to get the idea ball rolling.

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B2B Instagram Ad Campaign

Connect with your target audience on Instagram by delivering targeted visual ads that drive brand awareness and generate leads.
Ad Types: A business account on Instagram offers single photo ads, video ads, carousel ads, and stories ads. Instagram even lets you promote organic posts already on your account.
Budget: Instagram and Facebook use the same management tools – Ads Manager and Power Editor. Here you can create ads and submit them to their ad auction and select the size and type of budget that works for you.
Inspiration: High-quality images, graphics, and powerful videos are Instagram essentials. Jazz up your Instagram feed with these awesome examples from Canva.

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B2B Twitter Ad Campaign

Achieve your business goals with Twitter ads optimized to generate leads and build brand awareness.
Ad types: Twitter organizes their advertising types into campaigns, which is smart – it’s unlikely just one tweet will do you much good! Consider website visits, followers, awareness, and engagement campaigns in addition to quick promote for an on-demand audience.
Audience specifications: Twitter allows advertisers to find their best audience by language, gender, interest, follower, device, behavior, tailored audiences, keyword targeting, geographic targeting.
Inspiration: Twitter keeps a close eye on their advertising success stories. Check out these for B2B.

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As with any kind of marketing, you’ll never know what works until you’ve tried it. Get creative with different types of content and mixes between mediums for optimal performance. It may take some time and patience to get the results you want.

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