Restaurants: When Simply Good Is Really Great

Mar 17, 2015 Ellen Bowers


When Tim Williams decided to run a restaurant, he was not aiming for extra fancy. Set up in what looks like a good-sized house with a huge wrap-around porch, Williams’ restaurant, the Monon Food Company, offers locally famous fish tacos, an array of beers, wine, and a menu of comfort foods that include vegan items, all in a simple décor.
Located a block from the White River and only half a block from the Monon Trail in the heart of one of Indianapolis’s very popular neighborhoods for shopping, dining and socializing–Broad Ripple Village–the Monon Food Company is surrounded by a number of other restaurants and drinking establishments. Yet the Monon Food Company has carved out a niche for itself, and is popular enough to support thirty five employees.
Anyone out for a fun day of shopping, a bicycle ride, or an evening walk can stop in from the village streets or the Monon Trail and enjoy relaxing with a down-home meal like their house special mac-n-cheese, and select from an assortment of micro brews, imported or domestic beers, and wine. The restaurant uses fresh ingredients, house recipes for all their sauces, dressings, and baked goods, and slowly rotisserie-roasts their meets. Nothing on the menu is deep-fried and they use no hydrogenated oils, cooking exclusively with Extra Virgin Olive Oil–which is widely considered one of the purest and healthiest oils available.
Williams hopes his customers appreciate the quality of the food, but what he’s most proud of is giving people a nice, affordable place where family and friends can have fun while enjoying fresh food made from scratch. He’s also happy to be providing employment to the community.
Williams spices up the low-key décor by lining the walls with the works of local artists, which are available for purchase directly from the restaurant. He also features live music on Wednesday evenings, and occasionally in between. Adding to the friendly atmosphere, customers are welcome to have their dogs with them when dining at the outdoor tables on the wide porch, which is great for folks who like to stop in for lunch, a drink, or dinner while out walking with their furry friends.
In addition to their friendly dining atmosphere, the Monon Food Company also offers local catering with boxed lunches, platters, salads, sides, desserts, or full buffets based on a variety of choices including breakfast items, sandwiches, tacos, and BBQ; they even have veggie options. The restaurant is active on Facebook and Twitter for keeping their community abreast of upcoming musician visits and other relevant facts, but they rely mostly on word of mouth from happy customers to keep them busy—and it seems to be working, with hundreds of votes and dozens of reviews on Urbanspoon proving that being simply good can be really great.
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