3 Social Media Tips for Messaging That Consistently Works

Mar 28, 2017 Olivia Carroll

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Social media platforms today are riddled with loud messaging that sometimes feels random and inappropriate. Brands on social media often try to force feed their product and see detrimental results. Social media is best used to spread brand awareness and familiarize your audience with your business, not to be overly sales-y.
Here are three social media tips to clean up your social media marketing and build an online presence for your brand, without pitching your product.

1. Brand Voice

It’s essential to keep a consistent online persona by maintaining a similar design and copywriting style throughout all pieces of content. If your brand is funny, use gifs of cats skateboarding, loud colors, and think out of the box for social campaigns.
On the other hand, if your brand is more austere, it might call for the use of a more elegant and clean design. This could include posting anecdotes of clients or customers whose lives have been affected by the product or service, writing in shorter sentences or creating copy in a sincere and transparent way, focused on the company’s mission.
According to Kevan Lee from Buffer Social, there are four components to creating a compelling brand voice: character/persona, tone, language, and purpose. The graphic below provides an example of how to define the different components of brand voice.
Social Media Marketing Brand Voice

Photo: Buffer Social

2. Social Listening

In other words, write for your audience and their needs. No matter what industry you are in, it is crucial that you write about relevant and timely topics that educate as well as entertain. That means that you need to stop writing about the Taylor Swift and Kimye’s fight that happened in 2009… Of course using search engine optimization techniques is the most obvious way to figure out what people are interested in reading about, but there can be other ways as well.
According to Mike Templeman in a Forbes article, marketers need to be constantly reading and researching industry trends and seeking out relevant articles in their area of expertise. In fact, when it comes to Twitter he says, “91% of updates that you should know about will never show up in your notifications.” Learning more about the discussions happening in your industry gives great insight into what’s being talked about and perhaps even more valuable – what isn’t being talked about. You can be the first in the industry to bring up a topic or talk about it with a fresh perspective.
Learning from your social audience will give you some exciting angles to showcase your area of expertise. This will make your content sharable and valuable to your target audience.

3. Vicarious Experiences

As we saw in 2016’s best marketing campaigns, consumers today are craving thrilling experiences when they go online. Live video, augmented reality, and live chatroom discussions are just the beginning of a new wave of media engagement online. Shock value can pay off on social media as long as it’s appropriate to your brand voice and relevant content.
This also includes engaging with consumers on your channels, which can encourage chatter. Domino’s responded to a customer on Twitter, and it got national attention. Using social media to directly speak to consumers is an inventive way to make full use of social media platforms.
Dominos Social Media Marketing
Always remember that with social media marketing, a platform is only as good as its content. Engaging your audience can be difficult. For tips on how to get more from your content, check out this e-book.

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