Social Media Marketing 2015 Trends: Wearable Tech

Jan 08, 2015 Ellen Bowers

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Digital marketing is a powerful thing. It levels the playing field by making customer data available to virtually any business that understands the importance of relevant and targeted communications. Wearable tech and the data it produces may seem crazy, but it’s here and you need to think about how it could impact your business. In 2015, you’ll start to see social media marketing and wearable tech merging together, and there is no reason a small, local business can’t take advantage of this trend. In fact, wearable tech will be an incredibly powerful tool in the world of social media marketing for franchises.

How can we use wearable tech in social media marketing for your business?

“The many wearable devices and smart appliances on display at CES signal new opportunities for tech companies to target offerings to your behavior,” said Shawn DuBravac, chief economist and director of research for the Consumer Electronics Association. “For instance, by monitoring your smart thermostat, in-home camera, and smart watch, Netflix might eventually be able to determine that you’re alone, sad, and cold and offer a movie that might cheer you up.” 
That data could also be made available to small, local businesses. But how you play this trend in your social media marketing strategy is up to you and the market you serve. For example, if you sell to young mothers, you should be aware of Pacif-i, a pacifier made by U.K.-based Blue Maestro that measures a baby’s temperature and shares it via a smartphone. The data would signal an opportunity to soothe a mother’s fears with books, advice or other products. It seems like social media marketing for franchises has a potential to become stronger than ever.
The new Swarovski Shine collection not only tracks your activity — its beautiful, as well. Misfit teamed up with Swarovski to add bling to the tech, in the form of two new Shine devices — one clear, one solar-powered violet, each covered with a single faceted crystal — and nine generously bedazzled accessories. Like their predecessor, the new Shine devices track your movement and sleep patterns, and sync wirelessly with a mobile app to keep track of the data they collect. It can take digital marketing campaigns for franchises to an entirely different level.
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