Social Media Marketing for Franchises: 6 Ways to Increase your Facebook Impact & Build Customers

Dec 17, 2014 Mike Hanna


Using Social Media to influence your customer’s feelings and actions is one the best opportunities brought on by the digital age, one that will help your business succeed. Facebook is the Behemoth of Social Networks. It offers countless opportunities to build effective and easy Social Media Marketing for franchises. Check out these Numbers:

  • 1.15 Billion Active Facebook Users
  • 2 Billion “Connections” between Local
    Users and Businesses
  • 70% are connections to Local Businesses
  • 90% of Inc 500 Companies use one major
    Social Network Platform
  • 33% of Users say they are more likely to buy
    from a company if it has a Facebook Page
  • 82% of Users say they Trust a company more if the CEO and Senior Management are Active on Social Media… Yet 36% of CEO and Senior Management either don’t care or care “little” about Social Media

6 Ways to Build Customers with Facebook and Reap the Benefits
of Effective Social Media Marketing for Franchises

  1. Place a Social Media Sharing Button on Your Website
  2. Promote Your Mobile App(s) via Your Website and Social Media
  3. Add a Social Media Button on Your Paid and Owned Media (Advertising/Signs)
  4. Build Communities and amplify Your Fan’s Stories as opposed to just shilling for a product or service
  5. Communicate with Fans via posts on your Page, their News Feed and Direct Messages
  6. Make Sure You and Your Senior Management are Active on Facebook

It’s not just being part of Facebook or another Social Media network; it’s effectively using it to influence your customer’s behavior.
Always stay positive,
Michael Hanna
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