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Mar 18, 2015 Mike Hanna

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Social media plays an important role in today’s digital marketing strategies. It is one of the most useful marketing tools, especially for small businesses. Social media offers wonderful opportunities for effective promotions done with a minimal financial investment. If small businesses pay attention to social media best practices, they can easily create highly successful marketing strategies.
Small business owners often can’t afford to invest in specialist services for promotion of their products and services. This is why they need to be sure that each of their efforts is justified and cost effective. Even if small business owners choose to use paid social media advertisements, they need to make the most of them.

Why are images important in social media marketing?

Images have become a crucial element in social media communication. Lately, it has become apparent that image-based advertising is taking over conventional text-based advertising. The growing trend of image-based advertising comes from the fact that people prefer viewing images rather than reading text.
It’s easier for an audience to perceive information if they see a picture capturing what you have to offer, than to read an article about it. Once you understand this concept, it can help you improve your social media marketing campaign and get ahead of your competitors.
You need to use images in your social media campaigns as much as you can. However, not all images have the same effect on people. Images have to be optimized to have a positive impact on your audience. Social media best practices show that optimizing images makes all the difference, and can be the key to success for small businesses.

The benefits of image-based advertising

Image-based advertising on social media platforms offers a couple of benefits. The main point behind it is to create an affirmative and welcoming mental picture of a certain product or brand in the consumer’s mind. The chosen image has to associate the product or brand advertised, with a concrete value or lifestyle that people would like to relate to.
Following social media best practices, image-based advertising can be used for several essential purposes. They are primarily related to the consumer awareness issue. The starting point is using this kind of advertising to increase consumer awareness.
When you offer your product on the market, the first obstacle to overcome is the absence of consumer awareness. People just don’t know anything about your new product or brand. Once you manage to increase the awareness, you may expect your profit to increase, too. The profit is very often a direct result of people’s awareness about your new product.
When your customers understand what this product is all about and what is its primary benefit, you are on the right track to success. Image-based advertising increases consumer awareness and converts it into familiarity that they can relate to. Familiarity nudges the potential consumer towards buying the product that has been advertised.

Optimize your images to work across all social media

Based on social media best practices, optimization of your images is crucial. In order to be successful you should ensure your images look good on all social media platforms. This way you will improve your visibility on the market, save your time and money at the same time.
The first thing to do is to  create an open graph image. The dimensions of your open graph image should be 560×292 pixels. This kind of image can be created using Adobe products, PicMonkey, or other software and applications. These solutions offer an opportunity to create eye-catching images by using simple techniques.
When creating an image that is highly shareable on social media platforms, it is good to add background layers and some text. Place your text carefully to get the best possible visibility for your image. Make all the necessary adjustments so your image can fit well across all social channels.
While using software for image creation, it is good to pay attention to buffers. Ensure that your text has a 40 pixel buffer on the sides and a 10 pixel buffer on the bottom part. This way you prevent your image from touching the edges when published on Twitter or LinkedIn. This may sound a bit narrow at first, but you will get used to the boundaries when optimizing images for social channels.
The good thing about creating images with a three-sides-buffer is that you get an image that appears optimized on all channels. However, once you create it, make sure you check how it looks on the different social platforms.
This easy and simple technique can help you create an attractive image that looks as if it was made especially for the social channel on which you share it. You don’t have to waste your time creating different images for Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook. You can ensure your visibility on the market with a single image.

Benefits of using images on social media

Living in a world of mass information where data becomes overwhelming quickly, consumers only pay attention to the outstanding messages. Every day people have to filter the data they come across, extracting only the content they’re looking for.
If you post a long text on social platforms, people will probably avoid it.  They don’t want to read, they want to look at images. So, replacing long posts with images is a good and perfectly natural way to grab the consumer’s attention. It’s a great way to motivate visitors to explore content in detail and make a purchase.
Proper visual content in-between short text messages is a great way to get people’s attention and send your message across. This way you capture the attention of your target audience and give them time to think about your offer. They will also relate to it more easily. On the contrary, reading line after line becomes boring and doesn’t draw people’s attention. Let’s not forget that advertising, at its core, is all about drawing people’s attention.
Social media best practices include effective SEO strategies, too. Adding a few optimized images to each social media post is a simple way to improve your SEO and can be a winning tactic for you. Moreover, optimized images make posts more visually stimulating and help your business increase profits.
As much as a quality text can be convincing enough, some well optimized and properly placed images can add to the consumer’s intent to purchase. This strategy is especially helpful when attempting to provide step-by-step directions or when advertising a new application. When including images in posting on social media platforms, it is also good to include hashtags whenever possible.
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