7 Signs It’s Time to Hire On-Demand Digital Marketers

Jan 09, 2019 Emily Brungard

Freelance Experts, Marketing Technology

It’s 11 a.m. and your office is buzzing with energy. You’ve got a product release around the corner, updates to roll out, and a team to take care of. You’re in heads-down mode trying to get everything done. Copious amounts of coffee have been consumed. Lunch? You don’t have time for that — there are deadlines to make.
But what about your day-to-day work? While your team has been laser-focused on a few short-term projects, have others fallen to the wayside? In a perfect world, all of your marketing work would be perfectly balanced, but let’s be real — that just doesn’t happen. And what about that new tool you bought last month but haven’t had time to implement?
If this sounds like you, it may be time to add a support system to your team in the way of on-demand, specialized digital talent. These are seven ways to know you need an extra layer of support:

1. Your team doesn’t have the expertise

Sometimes you need a specialist to get a project done. Maybe your team has been using piecemeal technology to get projects done because it’s too difficult to switch over to a new platform. Maybe you’re implementing a new channel and you don’t know where to start. On-demand digital experts bring you the right expertise at the right time, so you can drive results. Freelancers tend to focus on just one or two things that they’ve mastered of over the years, which allows you to reap the benefit of true expert without the expense of hiring a full-time employee.

2. Your team is busy

If your team is constantly working late nights or missing deadlines, chances are you need some extra help. We can all agree that the work needs to get done and budgets are limited, but make sure to consider how current workload affects employee morale. What are your turnaround times for deliverables? Outsourcing allows you to unlock multiple marketing channels with ease and avoid employee burnout.

3. Your team can do it, but it’s not the best use of their time or talent

Let’s say you want to implement the Salesforce marketing platform, but you don’t have a Salesforce expert on your marketing team. Instead of using your copywriter or designer’s time (that could instead be spent putting the final touches on a campaign or testing new messaging) to set up and optimize the tool, you could hire a vetted technical expert to get the tool up and running in less time. You hired each person for their specific skill set. So why pull an employee off more important tasks if a freelancer can get it done on a project basis?

4. You’re losing out on opportunities

If you’re losing opportunities to build brand awareness because you’re too busy to respond to outreach, it’s definitely time to outsource some work. Are you being invited to speak at conferences or participate in panels only to decline because your workload is too heavy? Is your competition catching up to you? Consider the cost of falling behind. Freelance digital experts can help you stay ahead, opening avenues for you to get ahead and increase demand. Plus, hiring an outsourced marketing expert can provide a new perspective on how to approach your marketing today.

5. You have clear expectations

The best freelance relationships revolve around a set of very specific expectations. If you want to keep your on-demand experts around (and who doesn’t?), establish clear goals around communication, deliverables and any other component relevant to the success of your project. This isn’t the time to be vague about expectations — the success of your marketing and the freelancer’s income depend on clarity.

6. Your top objectives need more time and attention from your team

Do you have an expensive initiative in the works or a quarterly goal that you’re struggling to meet? You don’t have to drop the ball on other tasks to focus on the ones that need more of your time. It’s time to hire a freelancer if your team is being pulled to dedicate more time to a select few projects. Outsourcing tasks to on-demand experts is one solution that can help you check more off your to-do list without getting behind on your biggest priorities.

7. You’re experiencing a transition

Maybe your company was acquired, or you’re experiencing a more personal change such as parental leave, relocation, or going back to school. Regardless, freelance digital experts can fill a temporary gap for you or someone on your team. Even during a period of change, the show must go on — on-demand digital experts can fill technical and creative skills gaps across a variety of channels. Make sure to give your experts enough time to get settled in their role before you’re unavailable to answer questions.
If your team is overwhelmed with work and you need an extra set of hands, browse our marketplace of on-demand digital experts today.

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