5 Great Reasons to Participate in Shop Small Saturday

Mar 30, 2015 Ellen Bowers


Small Business Saturday takes place every year after Thanksgiving. The idea behind the Shop Small Saturday campaign is to encourage people to shop at smaller businesses. This idea was developed and became a holiday shopping tradition in America. The first Small Business Saturday took place on Nov 27, 2010.
Shop Small Saturday is a counterpart to Black Friday which features the big box retail stores. It encourages holiday shoppers to favor small and local businesses. Small Business Saturday is in fact a registered trademark of American Express. They promote this idea through many communication channels such as radio, TV advertising campaigns, social media, and public relations.
Many local politicians (governors, senators, mayors, and even President Obama) have proclaimed support for the Small Business Saturday campaign. The support has generated over one million Facebook “likes” and thousands of tweets under the Twitter hashtags #smallbizsaturday and #smallbusinesssaturday.

What Is #ShopSmall?

As the time for Thanksgiving arrives, the hashtag #ShopSmall shows up on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. #ShopSmall is a tool for small businesses to attract more customers on that particular Saturday. American Express gathers information on the small businesses which are participating and promotes them. Many businesses across the country offer discounts to people with a receipt from a local retail store that day.
The Shop Small Saturday website encourages small business owners to become more visible to customers by using hashtags to promote their business. #ShopSmall helps customers find some places they have never thought of before. It gives them an opportunity for a totally different experience in post-Thanksgiving shopping.

5 reasons to Shop Small

Even if you’re typically the kind that starts hunting for good deals at midnight on Thursday, and tries to make full use of your budget on Friday… There are some great reasons to support local retail businesses on Saturday. Here are the reasons for you to participate in Small Business Saturday 2015:

Less crowds

While crowds on Black Friday get awkward and somewhat hazardous, Small Business Saturdays can be a joyful experience. People don’t tend to go into grabbing mode and buy things they otherwise wouldn’t.
There is no pushing, pulling, and stepping on your feet. People aren’t getting into fights over the last product. So, instead of putting yourself in the risk of being seriously hurt by shopping fanatics on Black Friday, you can stay at home and wait for Small Business Saturday.

Positive customer experience

Small businesses always offer a more personal service. When people decide to open a small business, they do it because they are passionate about the concept. When a business owner is passionate about whatever they are selling, this passion transforms into excellent customer care.
Meanwhile, the concept of getting enough personnel or a positive customer experience is almost nonexistent in big chain stores. So, if you want to get the customer care you deserve while you do your holiday shopping, you better turn to small businesses.

Unique selections

Big chain stores mostly offer the same or similar products. When buying gifts for your family or friends, there is a good chance that they’ve already bought it at their nearest chain store. This is something you don’t want to experience when exchanging gifts with your closest relatives.
There is also a high chance of someone else buying them the same thing. Local small businesses carry different brands and products, unlike big chain stores. So, a gift that you find at a local store is more likely to be a unique one. Isn’t this what we all want?

Support your neighbors

Local small businesses in your community are mostly run by your neighbors. When local small businesses are successful, it is beneficial for the entire community. When your community enjoys greater economic stability, everybody wins.
So, when you support local stores and businesses, it’s not just a “neighbor helping a neighbor” situation – it’s beneficial for everybody in your community.

Create more local jobs

When you shop at your local store and have dinner at the local restaurant, you’re helping them to stay in business and grow economically. If local businesses grow, they provide more jobs for the people in your community.
Small businesses are essential to the country. They are an excellent opportunity for young people to learn basic work skills and discover their talents. Let’s help them create more jobs and compete with bigger stores by shopping small.

Make Shop Small Saturday 2015 your best shopping day!

Small local businesses improve local economies. Showing support for the nearby small businesses this year will be a great step towards a more successful economy countrywide. Here are a few suggestions on how to make Small Business Saturday 2015 the best Shop Small Saturday so far.

1. Get an American Express Card

American Express originally initiated and promoted Small Business Saturday. So, the first thing to do is register your American Express Card. It only takes a few minutes to sign up and register. Soon after you’ve registered, you can look through the American Express directory of small businesses which participate in this promotion.

2. Do your planning

Plan your Small Business Saturday shopping. It is always good to have a strategy when you go shopping. Plan to shop for all of the things you need and the gifts you want to give to your friends and family. It is wise to check if any local businesses are offering specials.

3. Keep an eye on all promotions available

Check for other promotions alongside the American Express small business promotion. There are other small businesses that may be offering promotions or special deals on this Small Business Saturday as well. So, check if there are some good offers you can take advantage of, and buy the product or service you have always wanted.

4. Try a new restaurant

Shop Small Saturday is the best day to have a nice dinner with your friends or your loved one. If you don’t enjoy shopping, use this opportunity to try a new restaurant and spend a great time at a great price. There are many restaurants out there which are treated as small businesses. Explore your options and then, order your favorite meal or dessert.

5. Spread the word online

Your social influence can be highly supportive to small businesses in your neighborhood. We always hear that word of mouth is the best form of marketing for small stores, so make sure you spread the word online. Tweet and share the #ShopSmall and #SmallBizSat hashtags in order to promote Small Business Saturday 2015.
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