Torchlite Launches to Fix What’s Broken with Digital Marketing

INDIANAPOLIS (Nov. 4, 2015) – Indianapolis-based Torchlite is giving business owners looking to increase sales through digital marketing an alternative to hiring expensive in-house staff or outside agencies.

Taking a “gig economy” approach to digital marketing, Torchlite’s on-demand marketplace enables businesses to tap a vast network of individual marketing specialists to plan and execute digital campaigns. Clients can easily add, subtract or modify marketing programs on the fly, and are given access to an easy-to-use online dashboard where they have complete visibility to track their marketing goals.

A recent survey of small and medium sized businesses found that although 75 percent of owners believe marketing online is an effective way to attract new customers, less than a third understand how to use digital marketing to increase sales.

Founded by Apple, Adobe and Salesforce Marketing Cloud alum Susan Marshall, Torchlite connects businesses to certified specialists called “Torchliters” who follow proven digital marketing strategies to drive online traffic and convert that traffic into sales.

“There is so much data, technology and change in digital marketing that generalists simply can’t keep pace with the ever-changing environment. It takes a specialist, and most businesses don’t have the resources to hire a team of specialists,” said Marshall. “What Torchlite does differently is put specialists at the center of every client’s marketing campaign. At the same time, our dashboard provides clients an unparalleled level of transparency, allowing them to make decisions easier, faster and more cost effectively.”

Torchlite is the only company that enables businesses to assemble a team of highly trained digital marketing specialists and provides a project manager who coordinates campaigns. Because Torchlite manages the entire process from start to finish, business owners can focus on running their organization without having to hire, manage or outsource additional talent, or worry about learning new technology or managing deliverables.

Torchlite’s marketplace of digital marketing specialists is composed of highly-trained writers, designers, developers, digital marketers and advertisers, SEO experts, bloggers, social media experts and email marketers with diverse experience in industries including retail, sports and entertainment, finance, sales and more.

“When it comes to digital marketing, you need a partner who understands your business and can work it like it’s their own,” said Kyle Kinnett, Owner at Bullseye Event Group. “Torchlite has been that partner. They have done an amazing job refining and executing our digital media strategy. Thanks to their efforts, traffic to our website has increased by 270 percent over the same time period last year—and that traffic is translating into revenue.”

About Torchlite

Torchlite is evolving the way the way businesses go to market. By seamlessly connecting digital marketing experts and business owners through our application, we make building effective digital marketing campaigns easy – driving leads, online traffic, customers and revenue. For more information, visit