Flexpertise: Boost Marketing Velocity with On-Demand Experts

You’re finally given the green light to increase your marketing headcount by one. But what you really need is the skills of three people: an email marketer, a designer, and a content expert. What do you do? Admit it: You lump all those skills into a single job posting and hold your breath, hoping you find a unicorn.

But that’s like assuming you can hire a drummer and suddenly have a four-piece band.

That’s where “flexpertise” comes in: it’s the flexibility to staff up with specific on-demand expertise without breaking the budget. You get exactly what you need to rock your campaign — all without adding to your headcount.

In this e-book, we’ll show you:

  • How flexperts are changing the way marketers get things done
  • Scenarios where having a flexpert is a must
  • Where to find the right flexperts for your team

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