We get it. Whether you lead a team of five marketers, or you manage a group of within a 500+ marketing team, everyone needs help getting marketing done right. Our approach to helping you is through software and services:

Torchlite ActionTM


Essential task management and calendar to seamlessly organize your team and get campaigns out the door.
$75/mo per user
  • Strategic Planning and Resourcing
  • Campaign and Deliverable Management
  • Asset and Document Management (10MB)
  • Team Management and Collaboration (Up to 5 users)
  • Project Management
  • Campaign Template Builder
  • Campaign Template Directory
  • Customizable Daily, Monthly, and Annual Calendars
  • Social Publishing
  • Calendar Integrations
  • Torchlite ActionTM

    Team Plus

    Complete marketing operations platform including calendar, reports, asset management, and access to experts.
    $100/mo per user
    All Team Features
  • Access to Vetted Network of Digital Marketing Experts
  • Asset and Document Management (Unlimited)
  • Team Management and Collaboration (Unlimited)
  • Storage Integrations
  • Custom Integrations
  • Slack Integration
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager
  • Torchlite ActionTM


    Marketing operations and resource management for multiple teams, departments, and business units.
    All Team Plus Features
  • Enterprise Account Management and Permissions
  • Private Marketplace
  • Freelance Resourcing Manager
  • Resource Gap Analysis*
  • Utilization Reports*
  • Looking for experts to extend your team?

    Our software also provides access to highly vetted experts, called Torchliters, who can help you with one-time projects or on-going campaigns to drive your longer term initiatives. Ready to discover how you can create, collaborate, and execute marketing campaigns with unprecedented efficiency?