What is Partner Relationship Management?

Glossary of commonly used and discussed terms in Partner Programs

Partner Relationship Management

Partner Relationship Management [PRM] is a strategy and set of processes used by businesses to manage and optimize relationships with partners or affiliates. These partners can include resellers, distributors, suppliers, and other organizations that have a strategic alliance with the company. The goal of PRM is to align the goals and objectives of the company and its partners to ensure mutual success. This can include activities such as onboarding new partners, providing training and support, and communicating with partners on a regular basis. PRM can also involve tools and technology such as portals, dashboards, and automation to help manage and track the partnership. Overall, Partner Relationship Management is an essential practice for businesses that rely on partnerships to drive revenue. By effectively managing and optimizing their relationships with their partners, businesses can drive better results and maximize their return on investment from their partner relationships

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Anthony KapitanskiHead of Partnerships at Chili Piper

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