What is an Agency Partnership?

Glossary of commonly used and discussed terms in Partner Programs

Agency Partnerships

An agency partnership is a relationship between two businesses in which one business, the agency, provides services to the other business, the client. In an agency partnership, the agency acts as an extension of the client’s team, providing expertise, support, and services to help the client achieve their goals.

Agency partnerships are common in the advertising and marketing industries, where agencies provide services such as strategy, creative, media planning, and execution to help clients promote their products or services. Agency partnerships can also be found in other industries, such as public relations, event planning, and management consulting.

In an agency partnership, the agency is typically compensated for its services through a combination of fees and performance-based incentives. The terms of the partnership are typically outlined in a contract or agreement, which specifies the services to be provided, the terms of payment, and any other relevant details.

Overall, an agency partnership is a relationship in which two businesses work together to achieve a common goal. By leveraging the expertise and capabilities of the agency, the client can access the resources and support they need to succeed, while the agency can grow its business and build long-term relationships with clients.

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