Partner Programs Glossary

Commonly used and discussed terms in Partner Programs


This partner program glossary is a handy reference to terms that are often used by partner managers when discussing different types of partnership programs. It’s worth noting that some of these types of partnership terms can overlap and be defined differently in different contexts.

First: What is a Partner Program?
What are the main types of Sales or Channel Partnerships?
What is Partner Relationship Management
What is a PRM? (Partner Relationship Management)
What is a Partner Management System (PRM)?
What is a Partner Portal?
What is an Affiliate Program?
What is an Affiliate Partner?
What is an Affiliate Link?
What is a Channel Partner Program?
How do I build A Channel Partner Program?
What is Co-Selling?
How does a Co-Selling program work best?
What is Co-Marketing?
What does a Co-Marketing program look like?
Why have a Technology Partner Program?
What is an Agency Partnership?
What is a Reseller Program?
What is an ISV? (Independent Software Vendor)
What is a Partner Ecosystem?
What is a B2B Partnership?
What makes a great SaaS partner program?
What do the best partnership managers do?
What makes the best software partner programs and why?
What is lifetime revenue? (CLTV-customer lifetime value)
What is an average deal size ? (ACV – average contract Value)
What Are Marketing Development Funds (MDFs)?
Is Partnership Management a skill?

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