How Marketing Agencies Can Benefit From the On-Demand Workforce

Jan 16, 2019 Emily Brungard

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Bandwidth issues hold marketing agencies back from meeting their potential and exceeding revenue goals. For many marketing agencies, bandwidth is a two-sided coin. Too much bandwidth, your revenue suffers. Yet, keep too little bandwidth and suddenly you’re slow.
An on-demand workforce can help agencies work quickly to meet market demands and prove revenue potential, before increasing permanent headcount.
Keep scrolling for 5 ways agencies can benefit with an on-demand workforce of freelance experts to supplement their team.

1. Agility to scale and meet market demands

Whether you’re focused on winning new business or expanding scope with your current clients, a virtual Rolodex of on-demand freelancers might just be the secret weapon your agency needs to meet its revenue target. Engaging with on-demand experts can help agencies confidently say “yes” to more projects and meet their market demands.
You’ve got a great team, we won’t argue that. What we will argue though, that it is difficult to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to delivering top-tier work outside of your core competencies. In fact, 40% of marketing agency leaders say that their current talent pool and inability to expand service offerings are preventing their ability to grow as quickly as they would like, according to a recent report by HubSpot.
Freelancers can help you expand your agency offerings by bringing top skills and certifications to the table, enabling you to better serve clients. They also allow you to sell what your customers really need because you’re not limited to the resources you already have on your bench.

2. Grow revenue before increasing headcount

Freelancers are a great way to extend your agency’s offerings without committing to hiring a full practice. As you grow your name in a new vertical, contractors will allow you to build client relationships and a portfolio before putting all your eggs in a new technology basket. In this ever-changing martech landscape, the flexibility to shift and move quickly is extremely beneficial.

3. Speed

A network of on-demand experts will help you decrease ramp-up time and keep your full-time crew focused on their other client priorities. When it comes to resourcing projects, consider freelancers as an extra line of defense. No agency wants to turn down an opportunity for a project because they’re short-staffed, or worse, lose the bid to a competitor because they can do the work faster. Keeping full-time-only resources on the bench limits the opportunity to bill. Having freelancers on-demand can help you keep your full-time team billing at capacity and still have access to resources that can quickly execute on last-minute or unplanned projects.

4. Highly skilled, digital experts

When working with fast-changing technology that requires deep knowledge, creating a pool of dependable vetted experts is a no-brainer for agencies. Whether your team is spinning their wheels trying to solve an issue, has a fast-approaching deadline, or just needs an extra set of hands, freelancers are a quick and cost-effective solution. Since independent contractors usually have a specific area of expertise, they tend to be more up-to-date with the latest product releases, trends, and “must haves” in their field, meaning they can work efficiently and help you produce better results for your clients.
Not to mention, our experts are vetted and certified, with an average of 10.5 years of experience, providing you with the expertise and experience you need to drive results.

5. Ensure on-schedule project delivery

On-time delivery is key when it comes to maintaining and growing existing client relationships. Ensure quality projects delivered on-schedule with the Torchlite platform’s freelance experts. Our online tool is your one-stop shop for finding digital experts and managing ongoing engagements with transparency and accountability.
At the end of the day, the ability to quickly expand your workforce with the right talent unlocks revenue potential for your agency. Interested in learning more about Torchlite’s on-demand, digital experts? Request help today.
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