Local Social Media Marketing for Franchises: Fall in love with Facebook Again

Feb 14, 2015 Mike Hanna


Facebook has many strengths that make it a brand’s social media friend. Some people think their brand is “too serious” for Facebook. Some feel they are not ready for such open communication with their customers. Others are concerned about possible negative feedback; But, the truth is that Facebook is one of the best tools you can use in your “local social media marketing for franchises” strategy.

Here’s a short list of its strengths:

  • World’s largest social network with multiple ways to build proprietary audiences through free activities and paid advertising
  • Free to create company page, post updates, or build and interact with customers
  • Simple sharing through Like, Comment and Share buttons both within Facebook, and on widgets installed on websites across the web
  • Strong mobile app with high level of mobile user engagement
  • Diverse ways for consumers to interact with your brand

It has some challenges, too:

  • Facebook evolves regularly frustrating users and fans
  • Its algorithm ensures only a small percentage of fans see your posts requiring paid advertising to reach all your fans
  • Negative comments about any aspect of your brand, executives, customer service, etc. can seriously harm a brand’s goodwill

5 Positive Actions to Build Your Brand with Local Social Media Marketing for Franchises

  1. Build fans by getting users to like your brand page via free posts or paid advertising.
  2. Communicate with fans via posts on your page, their News Feed, and direct messages where permission is granted.
  3. Encourage fans to also become subscribers or followers through cross-promotion of email, Twitter, and other channels.
  4. Capture attention from seekers who are searching Facebook or browsing it for entertainment purposes i.e. post interesting thoughts, funny stories, photos, and videos of interest.
  5. Inspire others to like, comment and share content with their own proprietary audiences in Facebook’s desktop and mobile environments.

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