Lead Generation Techniques to Engage and Nurture Prospects

Apr 04, 2018 Brenna Finlay

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We get it. Sending cold emails and making cold calls can be exhausting. Let’s be real…most of the people you contact won’t get back to you anyway. Relying on traditional outbound methods for generating business is not an easy task. Here’s the good news: marketers can successfully generate leads with inbound digital marketing online techniques. Before we dive in to lead generation techniques, let’s define the concept.
What is lead generation? Let’s break it down. A lead is a person who has demonstrated interest in your company’s product or service. Lead generation is the process of  attracting and converting strangers into leads. Overall, lead generation makes it easier and more natural for someone to want to buy from your business.
Online lead generation techniques are centered around demonstrating expertise and building relationships. Here are five lead generation techniques digital marketers are leveraging today:

1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Just google it. We’ve all heard this phrase before – and it’s true. The first thing we do when we have a problem, question, or need information is research it on Google.
SEO is a process of optimizing online content so a search engine can show it as a top result. Incorporating SEO into your larger digital strategy gives you another way to get your content in front of qualified prospects.
To use SEO as a lead generation tool, it’s important to focus on the right keywords to bring your content to the top of the list. Prospects search for these keywords, find your content in their search results, and follow the link back to your website. There is a chance to convert the visitors into leads to create sales. SEO is a great lead generation technique to increase your site rankings.

2.  Website Optimization

You never want a potential customer to find your website and have no idea what your company is about. Visitors want to know what problems you can solve for them – and how. If they don’t immediately understand what you can do for them, they’ll leave your website without ever becoming a lead.
Make sure to design your company website with valuable attention-grabbing information. Deliver your message with clarity and set it apart from the marketplace. Make your website compatible on any mobile device and develop features that will engage prospects. Lastly, make your website aesthetically pleasing and consistent with your branding. Using these techniques will highly impact your website’s ability to drive leads.

3. Blog Content

Blogging is an effective way to lead people back to your website – where you can convert them into a lead. Previously we discussed SEO techniques. Now, we see where SEO comes to life. Blog posts allow you to target a variety of keywords that can be found in top results from search engines.
Blog posts are also effective because they can be promoted on social media channels. Hosting a blog on your company’s website is important for prospective customers to learn more about who you are, what you can offer, and how you can solve their problems. Blogging is a great way to drive people to your website and drive leads.

4. Email Newsletter

Creating an email newsletter is a great way for generating and nurturing existing leads. An e-newsletter should have high quality and educational content that will make people want to sign up. Utilizing e-newsletters is an effective way to announce new products or services. Driving prospects to sign up for your newsletter builds subscribers and increases brand awareness. The only way to engage prospects is to have content that is useful to them. Newsletter content that addresses problems or questions will generate more leads.

5. E-Books

E-books are a fantastic content marketing tool to acquire new leads and convert existing prospects into customers. E-books are utilized to generate leads, educate prospects, and gain traction. This lead generation technique contains in-depth information and value. If your e-book contains valuable content and sets you up as a thought leader or subject matter expert, then it can be a lead generation machine and establish your reputation. E-books are an informative way to attract leads because they present evidence, and raise important questions that prospects may want to know more about. Check out this six-step framework to create and promote a successful e-book.
Lead generation is essential to every organization. These five digital techniques help generate, engage, and nurture leads. By using these online lead generation techniques, marketers are able to drive demand and attract more customers.
Whether you already have a lead generation strategy or you’re just getting started, download the Lead Generation Playbook and use the templates to help generate an influx of leads.

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