In-House or Freelance? How to Determine if Your Marketing Team Should Outsource a Project

Mar 07, 2018 Brenna Finlay

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Building the right marketing team to execute your digital strategy is complicated. There are many ways to get your marketing projects over the goal line, but how do you know which is the best fit? We have you covered.
One of many decisions you’ll have to make is whether to outsource to specialized talent or to complete the work in-house. While there is no doubt a plethora of talent in your marketing department, specialists can be expensive. Many businesses are finding that partnering with freelance experts produce higher efficiency at a lower cost, for maximum ROI.
To determine the best fit for your department, identify the areas where you have gaps on your team. Let’s do a test to determine what kind of expert you need. Ask the following questions and keep track of your answers:

1. How complicated is the work?

a. I need a specialist
b. Anyone can do it!

2.  Do you know how to use the necessary technology?

a. No
b. Yes

3. Can the work be done outside of our office?

a. Sure!
b. No, I’ll need someone here 9-5 everyday

4. How many hours per week of work is required?

a. Less than 20
b. More than 20

5. Is the work part of a one-time project or an ongoing initiative?

a. One-time project
b. Ongoing initiative
Mostly A’s: Consider hiring a freelancer
Mostly B’s: A freelancer might not be the right for this job, consider in-house talent
When looking at talent solutions, keep in mind the goal isn’t to outsource work simply to fill your talent gaps, but to extend your team in a meaningful way. The goal is to find a hybrid solution that best sets you up to deliver on your business vision, goals, and strategies. Expand the limits of what’s possible with your marketing today by tapping into the Torchlite Marketplace of vetted marketing experts. With Torchlite, assembling a marketing lineup has never been easier. Find an expert today who fits your needs.
And whether you already have a digital strategy or you’re just getting started, download How to Implement a Winning Digital Strategy and follow the six-step framework to digital success.

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