Workplace Distraction Darts: How to Deal with Irritating Interruptions

Oct 27, 2016 Beth Smedinghoff

Marketing Trends

Have you ever been super laser-focused when a coworker, email, or nearby cubicle chaos throws you off your game? Happens all the time, right? Welcome to marketing in the digital age.
There are so many things to love about being a digital marketer (including the cubicle chaos), but when you’re in the zone, the distractions can make you want to pull your hair out. A few of our favorites include:

  • Endless email threads from the person you sit next to
  • Red-hot, armageddon, last-minute urgent requests
  • Hilarious memes from the office cut-up, which require an equally hilarious response (that stuff takes time, people)
  • Pointless meetings (followed by mandatory emails recapping the pointless meetings)
  • An article your boss shared that you feel obligated to read
  • Chatty co-workers (on Slack and in your cubicle)
  • Never-ending group texts from your college friends (they do have jobs, don’t they?)
  • The dreaded “quick” drop-by that takes 25 minutes
  • App notifications anywhereon your phone or desktop (clear them all!)
  • The entire internet

So what do you do when you’re in total do-not-disturb mode and still can’t seem to get anything done? Take a break and play a game of workplace distraction darts.

Office stress-reliever: Play a game of Workplace Distraction Darts

Print it out, pin it up (every office in 2016 has a dartboard, right?), and relieve a little stress. You’ll feel much better, trust us. 
Note: The PDF is even official dartboard size (18″x18″) for you serious dart players out there.
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