How to Create and Promote an Ebook For Lead Generation

Feb 28, 2018 Brenna Finlay

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Ebooks are a fantastic content marketing tool to acquire new leads and convert existing prospects. Marketers utilize them as a way to deeply connect with their target audience. Ebooks educate customers, generate leads, and gain traction.
This marketing tool goes further than a blog post because they contain more in-depth information and value. Marketers need to know how to create an ebook and supporting cross-channel promotional campaign to drive and nurture leads.
Creating an ebook can be tricky because there are many components necessary to attract customers. Here’s a six-step framework you can follow to create and promote a successful ebook.

Strategically Create the Ebook

  1. Content Outline – Create an outline of content that will engage customers.
  2. First Draft of Copy – Based on the outline, write a first draft of the content.
  3. Ebook Design – After seeing the first draft of copy, design the ebook. This will help ensure your designer thinks about all the visual elements need to support the copy.
  4. Final Draft of Copy – While the designer is working with the first draft of copy to create the design, edit the copy and provide the writer with revisions.
  5. Final Draft of Copy in Design – With the final copy approved, lay it out in the design to ensure the two work together.

Build a Landing Page

  1. Select Design or Template – Select a landing page design or a template from a previous campaign.
  2. Write Content – Bring the ebook to life on the landing page and draw your audience in with clear messaging about the value of the ebook content.
  3. ESP Form – Create a form in your Email Service Provider to embed in the landing page. This will add new contacts who download the ebook to your mailing list.
  4. Thank You Email – Write a standard, automated email to send to landing page visitors who download the ebook.
  5. Landing Page Images – Create visual elements for the landing page the help show the value of the ebook.
  6. Code Landing Page – After the design is complete, code the landing page.
  7. Test Landing Page – Before pushing the page live or promoting it, make sure your team takes time to test the landing page functionality.

Create an Email Nurture Track

  1. Map out Track Flow – After you acquire a new lead who download the ebook, how will you nurture them? Outline a nurture track series to move them on or out.
  2. Write Copy – No matter how many emails in the nurture track, it is a best practice to write the copy for each together. This ensures the tone, voice and flow are consistent.
  3. Create Email Design Elements – Design images and/or graphics for each email
    Build Nurture Track in ESP – Build the nurture track logic into your Email Service Provider account.

Promote the Ebook on Your Website

  1. Create Website Banner – If you plan to promote the ebook on your main website, create a banner image to call attention to the new content piece. This banner can link to the ebook landing page.
  2. Blog Banner – Create a banner to promote the ebook with relevant blog posts
    Promotional Copy – Place a copy for anywhere else on your website where you might want to call out the ebook.Activate the Ebook with Your Internal Team
  3. Announce to Employees – Tell your employees about the new ebook so they can promote it to their networks. Post it on the company’s intranet, email them or even share it on a flyer in the break room.
  4. Write Employee Social Posts – Empower your employees to really tell their social networks about the ebook. Write suggested social posts for them to share on their personal accounts.
  5. Update Key Stakeholders – Let your key stakeholders know about the ebook. This can include board members, investors, customers and industry colleagues.
  6. Develop a Cross-Channel Promotion Plan
  7. Email Signature – Promote the ebook and link to the landing page from your employees’ email signatures. Sigstr is a great tool for this.
  8. Blog Post – Tease the ebook content with a blog post.
  9. Paid Media – Promote the ebook and landing page in ads.

There are many elements to creating and promoting an ebook. A successful ebook contains drafted content, a landing page, email nurture track, and a well-developed cross channel promotion plan. Need an extra set of hands to get it all done? Request a demo and we’ll show you how Torchlite can fill gaps on your team with on-demand vetted experts. Just need to know what to do? Activate this ebook template for free in Torchlite.

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