How the Torchlite Marketing Team Uses Torchlite

Nov 13, 2017 Susan Marshall

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The average marketer spends 8 hours in meetings a week, and 15 hours completing repetitive tasks. Combined, that leaves just over two work-days a week to actually get things done. For us, that simply wouldn’t cut it.
So we took a sip of our own champagne. By using our own software, we’ve been able to cut down on hours spent in meetings and completing repetitive tasks by 30 percent.
I thought I’d share a little bit about how we got here.
First of all, Torchlite was built for marketers, by marketers. No other project management, communication or collaboration tool was made specifically for the kind of work we do. We also connect you with people that can actually get the work done. No one does that. With that in mind, here are some of the ways our marketing team uses Torchlite today:

Strategic Marketing Planning

At Torchlite, we manage our entire marketing plan in Torchlite. It serves as the master plan for all our marketing objectives, KPIs, and campaigns. This central view ensures campaigns and projects tie back to important objectives like “Acquiring New Leads,” “Converting Leads to Opportunities,” or “Retaining Customers,” and “Building Advocacy.” Torchlite is also home to our brand guidelines, mission, vision statement, and values to ensure we are communicating with one single voice.

Resourcing and “Gap Management”

Action keeps track of everyone working on projects and campaigns so we always know who’s doing what, and who may be overworked or underutilized. We can also tap into our bench of freelancers called Torchliters when we need experts in specific areas like marketing automation, analytics, or PPC.

Project Management

Our campaigns and projects are broken down into a set of deliverables, tasks, and due dates. You can assign these tasks to individuals on your internal team, freelancers, or agency partners. In Torchlite, you can see what’s blocking what, what’s overdue, and what needs to be approved or completed. This transparency makes it much easier to quickly move projects and campaigns from strategy to completion.

1:1s, Team Meetings and Planning

We use the Marketing Calendar for planning and when we have team meetings or 1:1s. All campaigns, deliverables, and tasks can be viewed by year, quarter, month, week, or day, and then filtered by individual, so managers can see what’s held up and how they can help.

Communication and Collaboration

While we still use email and Slack for communicating with the entire team, Torchlite serves as the communication hub for our internal team, freelancers, consultants, and agencies. The vast majority of communication about the work our team is doing happens in Torchlite as comments on tasks.

Events, Product Launches, eBooks, New Releases

We have endless marketing templates in Torchlite that make it easy to create all the deliverables and tasks needed to launch a product, event, or piece of content. These templates include the list of deliverables and tasks we are likely to need every time we attend an event, launch a product or a new thought leadership piece. When planning for these launches, we select the appropriate template, customize as necessary, set due dates, and assign tasks.

Client Services

At the end of the day, we couldn’t do what we do if it weren’t for Torchlite. Over the last year, leveraging our own business model and tapping our own marketplace has enabled us to create the output of a much larger marketing organization, while saving us $250k in headcount costs.
But we didn’t just build it for ourselves. We built it for marketing teams who are working hard to digitally transform their businesses every single day. It’s not easy, but you CAN get it all done through freelancers, agencies, internal team members and a software platform that was built specifically for this new brave world!
Try it out for yourself today! 
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