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These days, it seems like everyone is using Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC) to elevate their marketing plans. The tools are incredibly enticing, especially when it comes to essential verticals like email and marketing automation. And their sales team? They are on it. So, you’ve fought for the budget and bit the bullet. Now you’re a Salesforce customer!

When it comes to implementing and optimizing your SFMC tools, Salesforce services may be out of reach for small and mid-market companies. Luckily, Salesforce Marketing Cloud has become so universal that there are a range of options out there for getting help with your new tools. Here are a few of our free or low-cost recommendations for mid-market companies looking to get the most out of their investment in Salesforce Marketing Cloud:

Manage your expectations

If when you bought Salesforce Marketing Cloud, you thought everything would be easy-peazy with the flip of a switch, it might be time for a little reality check. Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a very big and powerful tool for marketers. However, it’s so big, and so powerful that even today’s modern marketer can struggle to find the time and expertise to get all of the tools up and running to their fullest capabilities. It’s important to set reasonable expectations about the timing of your implementation, the sophistication of the projects you want to run, and how quickly you’ll see results.

Start small

As with many technologies, it can be helpful to get your feet wet before diving all the way into your new Salesforce products. Look to tackle a small project first to get a feel for how the whole thing works. Then deal with your larger projects or dive into the more intricate features of your Salesforce stack.


Learn about the tools and capabilities

There are many available ways to learn about Marketing Cloud tools. If you have the time to do some of the learning on your own, resources like these can help you get up and moving with SFMC!

Email Studio

Social Studio

Ad Studio

Journey Builder

Get some live help

While there are a number of resources available online, it can be difficult to find and set aside the time necessary to really get the most out of your SFMC tools. Hiring an expert to help you implement and run marketing cloud technologies is pretty much a must. At Torchlite, we have on-demand experts to help you with all of your Salesforce Marketing Cloud needs.

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