How Freelance Management Platforms Are Transforming Marketing

Feb 27, 2019 Emily Brungard

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Even the best freelancers will fail if they aren’t set up for success by their client. Companies can hire all the incredible freelance experts, but if they don’t accurately communicate their expectations, aren’t available to answer questions, or lose track of payments, they’re bound to be disappointed by the results.
Simply having access to top talent isn’t enough. To be truly effective, you need a place to make sure your contractors are kept in the loop, paid on time, and easily accessed.

Why you need a freelance management platform

Finding a freelancer takes a lot of time, but so does hiring a full-time employee. If you’re going to make the effort to find the perfect on-demand expert, you need to hold onto them. Using a freelance management tool like Torchlite enables you to keep track of who you’ve worked with, create collections of pre-approved experts for your team to use, and makes it easy to track a freelancers time and progress in real-time.
Keeping your experts organized doesn’t just provide peace of mind — it increases your team’s speed to market. If you work with freelancers often, having a familiar set of experts can also decrease the time it takes to get new projects moving.
Let’s say you’re launching an extension of your brand. Your internal team is probably pretty busy — which is why you’ve built a collection of design experts you’ve worked with in the past. When you’re working on a time-sensitive project, you don’t have time to waste hunting for a freelancer with the capacity to take on your project. A freelance management platform streamlines the process of identifying the best expert for a job by storing information about whether a freelancer has worked with you before, their skills, location, availability, and hourly rate. The process becomes more efficient and effective.
This graphic from Hacker Noon explains how freelance marketplaces can make the search process easier for both freelancers and companies searching for top talent.

According to PayPal’s U.S. Freelancer Insights Report, half of U.S. freelancers have experienced not being paid. If an expert who has completed work for your company isn’t getting paid, it will be difficult to convince them to work with you again. No matter if the issue comes from a forgetful contact at the company or an accounting department delay, freelancers depend on being paid on time. By automating the invoicing and payment process, companies can show freelancers that they are respected and valued, and encourage their best work.

The future of the workforce lies with independent contractors

As more and more professionals make the switch from corporate to freelance, top talent will demand the flexibility that freelance work provides. The freelance economy has redefined work as we know it by enabling a more efficient, on-demand labor model.
Freelancers who use freelance management platforms like Torchlite don’t have to worry about business development, have access to secure and timely payments, and enjoy the flexibility that comes with being their own boss.
Companies are feeling the benefits of an on-demand workforce that goes beyond not having to provide benefits to contractors. Companies are able to work on one-off or experimental projects that require highly-specialized skills with the help of freelancers. If they can’t dedicate a full-time employee to a project, a freelancer allows companies to try new things without interrupting in-house projects. With increased competition, these agile practices are an integral part of staying relevant in the eyes of customers.

Bring your marketing into the modern age

Ditch your spreadsheets. If you want to truly optimize workflows, a centralized freelance management system is the answer. Instead of searching for a spreadsheet here, an invoice there, and an email elsewhere, tools like Torchlite streamline the entire process.
From the moment you engage an on-demand expert until the job is done and payment is processed, freelance management tools make the process easier. Both freelancers and the businesses benefit from using this martech. It’s a sure way to stay organized.
The two-sided Torchlite platform enables customers to streamline workflows, such as talent sourcing, outreach, and contracting. On the other side, it makes independent work easier for freelancers by keeping communication and collaboration, time tracking, invoicing, and payment in one place. Ready to bring your marketing into the modern age? Request a demo of Torchlite today.
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