Hiring Freelancers: How to Sell It to Your Boss

May 23, 2018 Maria Rummel

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Working with freelancers to extend your team has many benefits. Cost-savings and expert skill sets are two of the biggest. However, if you’re a traditional in-house only team, making the shift to filling gaps on your team with freelancers can be difficult to sell to your boss.
Changing the way your team operates is a learning curve. Remember the first time you took an Uber? Or booked vacation accommodations on Airbnb? It was a little nerve-wrecking, right? However, as soon as you gave it a try you were charged a better fare than a traditional taxi-cab, and were able to enjoy the perfect home-away-from-home on your vacation.
To someone who’s never worked with contractors before, hiring a freelance expert can elicit a similar anxious feeling – especially if they’ve yet to experience the benefits. So what do you do when you’re ready to extend your team with freelancers but need to get your boss on board?

Let’s keep this simple. Here’s an example of a proposal to use when asking your boss to approve hiring a freelancer to extend your team:

Dear [Insert manager’s name],
[Briefly explain the existing gap on your team]
As a solution to this problem, I have found Torchlite – a marketplace for on-demand experts, where I can browse available experts, create custom project requests, and collaborate with freelancers to drive results for our team.
Torchlite is easy-to use and I will be able to invite our entire team to join. I am able to create projects, assign due dates and tasks to my team. Their platform keeps everything in one place through task attachments and comments. It even works in real-time, so the collaboration between our internal team and the freelancer would be as seamless as possible – without adding the need for additional meetings.
I’ve browsed the marketplace and found a handful of experts that would fit our exact needs. Here are a few examples: [provide expert information and links to their storefronts]
I understand that this is a new practice for our team. Rest assured, Torchlite works on an as-needed-basis. We will know all of the costs up-front, and after our first engagement is complete we will be able re-evaluate if this works for us and if we’d like to continue working with our chosen expert.
Before our team’s [insert month, quarter, or year] budget is locked down, I’d appreciate discussing this proposal with you. [Briefly restate the gap on your team]. I am confident that working with Torchlite to add a freelance expert to our bench would benefit our team, help us flex to meet our marketing goals, and in turn help the business drive results.
Thank you,
[Your name]
Haven’t tried Torchlite yet? Browse our collections of experts and projects to get inspired at torchlite.com or contact our team for a personalized demo today.

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