Grow Your Email List With These Quick Tips

May 31, 2016 Beth Smedinghoff

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You started an email newsletter. Congrats! Now you need people to send it to, right? To grow your email list you’ll have to encourage sign-ups in all aspects of your branding, marketing, social, and content.
Here are a few ways to attract new subscribers:

Make it Easy to Sign Up

This may be the most obvious one but the first thing you should do is add a signup box to your site and/or blog. How can people sign up for your newsletter if they don’t know you have one? Also make sure you highlight your opt-in form across your site. You may want to consider having a pop-up for new visitors to encourage signups instead of hiding a little signup box in the corner.

Promote Cross-Channel

Make sure to promote your newsletter across your blogs and social channels. Add a subscribe call to action on blog posts (hey, like this one),  at the end of each blog post, in your YouTube videos, or any other piece of content. Be sure to include share buttons in all of your emails. You can even encourage your existing list to share with their networks by adding social sharing buttons and a “share with a friend” button. Include a Subscribe link at the bottom of your emails so if someone has an email forwarded to them it’s easy for them to subscribe.

Tell Them Why

Let your potential subscribers know what they’re signing up for. Will they get weekly emails from you of your latest posts and what you’re working on? Do you need to alert subscribers of sales, new products, or invites to exclusive events? Consider giving a sneak peek or samples of what they’ll get. Offer a sample newsletter or a screenshot of a typical email you send to subscribers so they can see if your emails will be relevant to them.  You may want to consider giving your audience options by creating different signup types. This may include the type of email such as Daily Deals, Sales, Events, type of product and also how frequently they’d like to receive them.

Offer an Incentive

Another way to grow your subscribers is to host a special promotion or giveaway that requires their email address to be entered. This should be something they can’t get anywhere else. A first look at your new eBook or new online course? Send that email. Exclusive discounts, behind-the-scenes content, or a giveaway all work too. You should only ask for must-have information. If your signup form asks for a lot of information, cut it down to only what is essential.

Be Transparent

Most importantly, include your anti-spam policy. Let your subscribers know you’ll only send them relevant content they’ve opted in to receive and assure them you will never sell or share their personal data.
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