Great Local Marketing is Easy? Or is It?

Mar 11, 2015 Mike Hanna


The Internet makes life easier. It connects the world, it can change lives. For the Franchisee, it connects customers to you. It simplifies everything. That is unless you don’t know how to make it work for you. Isn’t that always the fly in the ointment? Simply knowing how.
This point is further driven home by one of my favorite jokes:
A machine was down and a tech serviceman was called. He arrived and within 5 minutes had the machine humming. He handed the owner a bill for $1000. The owner was outraged. He said “I refuse to pay this bill, you were only here for 5 minutes.” The tech repairman didn’t bat an eye, he reprinted the bill as follows:
5 Minute Service Call $25
Knowing Which Button to Push $975
Local marketing is easy if you know what you are doing and how to get your customer to favorably respond. How to make the connection between just shooting skyward hoping to hit your target flying by, and understanding which button to push to get liked, favored and recommended is the ultimate goal.
Great marketing is really great digital word of mouth! That’s right, just making that one-on-one connection with pictures, interesting content and good positive statements is what makes people like and respond to you. It’s really just becoming the fabric of the community, a regular guy selling a great branded product that brings new and repeat customers. I like to think it’s like making good friends who want to help you succeed.
So when you think of great local marketing remember you need to know which buttons to push to get a great response. Learning a skill or being a professional usually takes time, a lot of time. It is said to become an expert, you need to have 10,000 hours or ten years of experience or both. So the moral of this story is find the right expert that can deliver great local marketing, because great local marketing starts with understanding it’s not easy and effective, unless you know what you are doing; or hire an agency that knows the right buttons to push.
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