Torchlite secures $3M funding to scale marketplace of certified digital marketing experts

Oct 02, 2018 Susan Marshall

Freelance Experts, Product, Torchlite

Today, we are pleased to announce a $3M strategic funding round that includes new investor Salesforce Ventures.
In 2017, Torchlite doubled revenue, demonstrating a massive need in the market for certified digital marketing experts. In the past year, we’ve transformed Torchlite into an enterprise platform that helps customers access and manage a private marketplace of on-demand experts so they can dramatically improve the performance of their digital marketing campaigns.
With this new platform, customers can also make those resources available to their entire enterprise, across business units and franchisees. Marketing departments who were once overwhelmed and understaffed can now tap into their own bench of experts to improve their performance of online ads, email, social campaigns, and customer journeys.
Our platform is squarely focused on unlocking the value of Marketing Clouds with certified experts and data-driven playbooks that are focused on results. With this funding, we’re excited to make it even better and can’t thank our community of customers, investors, and supporters enough!
Here’s to an even bigger and better Torchlite.
View the press release here →

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