Freelance Trends in The Digital Marketing Space

May 10, 2016 Guest Contributor

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So, why freelance your marketing?
In this age of entrepreneurial resurgence, more small businesses and startups look to freelancers to help with strategy, positioning, and execution of their business needs. Freelance consultants offer a value which otherwise could be a gamble when looking for full-time employees. Freelancers are experts in their niche – they provide a specific service that can fill an immediate need to critical parts of businesses. On top of that, freelancers can immediately dive in and begin solving problems without the need to go through the on-boarding stage.
If you haven’t identified where your small business can partner with an agency or freelancer, here are some of the current trends you can learn from:


Content is an evergreen resource that companies use for different campaigns, sales nuturing, and thought leadership. Creating great content also consumes a lot of time. A freelancer specializing in content creation and curation can jump in and learn the value propositions of your business, then immediately begin on executing the different types of content your business needs.


As a business owner, you know the value of your business. Freelancers can quickly drive the value of your business to your prospective audience and even help identify who your prospective audience should be. Messaging and positioning are critical to a business’s selling strategy, and a marketing expert’s perspective can help drive what that looks like from a sales perspective.
A resource that specializes in positioning is most likely well-versed in developing a sales-cycle strategy, which is extremely valuable in the early selling stages. Developing a sales framework that outlines each phase of the sales cycle, and the value that drives a prospect from one phase to the next is a game changer in hitting your quarterly goals.

Digital Marketing

Industries across the board are shifting their marketing efforts towards digital, and for most of these industries, this is a new tactic and area of expertise. Partnering with a freelance resource, like a digital marketing agency, is a great way to execute marketing efforts at the speed you need, and also learn the digital best practices and strategies that will help skyrocket your business.


SEO, or search engine optimization, is a massive part of digital marketing. Looking to experts to help strategize and implement an SEO strategy and advise on paid vs. organic search sets the foundation for a successful inbound marketing plan.

Growth, Sale, and Metrics

Knowing how to measure your growth and identifying what resources are critical to scaling your business require establishing metrics. Freelancers specializing in analytics can allow you to quickly analyze your sales and marketing efforts, pinpoint a clear ROI (return on investment), and minimize wasted efforts across your organization.
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